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Islam: What The Clerics Say (Part 4)

Dr. Pierre Coovert Why I Wrote This These articles The last few articles are taken from my book “Islam: What The Clerics Say.” It is available from my website. Although I know a lot more about Islam than most people, this subject is not my real area of expertise. My knowledge comes from working with an apologetic ministry that deals with Islam. One cannot work with the subject every day without learning a lot. There are a great number of books dealing with the issue of Islam, and more appear on the market every day. This being the case, why did I feel it was necessary to write another? Whether or not we want to admit it, we are at war with those who believe that it is their duty to their god to convert, subjugate, or kill, all who do not agree with them. There is a principle of war that is neglected in most books about Islam. The principle is: you must know your enemy if you want to defeat him. That being said, the answer is that most of the books written on Islam, are written to expose what we call “Radical Islam.” It is my contention

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