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When Islam Cries About Islamophobia

We live in a nation where people are beaten down when they say something that is not politically correct. This is true concerning Islam more than just about anything else. We are said to be Islamophobic if we say anything that is not pleasing to Muslims, even if it is true and we back it up with their scriptures and their cleric’s own words. Today I want to start a series on how to counter Muslims and their supporters when they play various “cards” against the truth. Do you know what they are saying when they call us Islamophobic? A phobia is an irrational fear, a mental disorder. For example, It would be irrational for someone to have a fear of a chocolate cream pie or of a banana. Islamophobia is not supported by the facts FACT —- There are Legitimate reasons to be fearful of an ideology that has 1400 years of cruel bloodshed and conquest against those who don’t subscribe to Islam. Islamophobia is the tactic of name-calling and labeling. It is a poor tactic used by those who do not have the facts to support their arguments. The FBI has 17 years of statistics on hate crimes.

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