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Is Your Friend a Secret Militant Muslim?

Is your friend a Secret Militant Muslim? Tips on how to find out. A militant Muslim will hide in the open among us as a moderate Muslim advocating his or her belief that Islam is a religion of peace. They will misquote passages out of the Qur’an like Surah 5:32 “if any one slew a person… it would be as if he slew the whole people.” Knowing all too well that this passage was given to the Jew not the Muslim. They know the Qur’an commands the “execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land.” of non-Muslims when they feel they have brought strife into the land. So, if militant Muslims use the same rhetoric as moderates, how can we know if our Muslim neighbor, or work colleague, or class mate, is secretly a militant Muslim, a jihadi? I will give you some questions to use but it is extremely important you understand how to use them and why you use them. These are the tips I give to law enforcement. I strongly caution the average citizen to use these methods as well. Only use them if you have grave concern about the loyalties of your friend. If your suspensions are confirmed, go to the proper authorities and express your concern. If you see something, say something. First, it is vital to understand there are two types of Islam, and Muslims are following one or the other. There is

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Islam and Pedophilia

Children trust adults, and are to be obedient to adults who are in authority over them. This make them vulnerable to an adult who seeks their own pleasure at the cost of what is best for the child. Jesus said that it is better for an adult to suffer drowning with a millstone tied about his neck than to abuse and mistreat a child (Matt 18:6). He laid before us an example of tenderness, love, and compassion for children (Matt 19:14). The Bible’s teaching that children are to be treated with compassion is in striking contrast with the treatment of children by Muhammad, who is an example Muslims are to follow. In Islam, sexual mistreatment is the norm for all children, both boys and girls. This deviant behavior should not be accepted in our society. A pedophile is not just an adult having sex with a child. A pedophile is also a sexual predator who preys on innocent and trusting children to satisfy his own sexual lust. He traumatizes children, and they will live their broken lives with fear and regrets. Actions and memories that cannot be undone will haunt them to their grave. The Culture & Life Expectancy Justification Foolish Muslim apologists will try to defend the record of Muhammad having sex with a child, suggesting that even in our Western culture we used to marry younger. More than a century ago, it is true that some were legally married in Western Civilization as young as 12 years. In

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Islam Is Incompatible With the American Constitution

Since several Muslims have been elected to Congress, I think we should look at Islam and its attitude toward our system of government. Islam is much more than a religion. As a matter of fact, the legal and cultural aspects of Islam are much more important than the religious aspects.

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