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Today I want to look at the subject of immigration and border security. I want to look at it from God’s point of view. What would He do? What kind of border policy would Jesus have? I am dealing with this subject because I see it being discussed on the Internet. The question is, what should be the Christian response to this issue? Should we open our borders and let all of these “needy people” come in without proper screening? This is certainly the point of view among Democrats. We need to realize that most Democrats seem to base their decisions on emotions and feelings. They always want to make others pay for the poor and unfortunate, but give very little to charity themselves. They like big government, and they like spending other people’s money. The other option is to control who comes into our country. In today’s world, this is the only safe alternative. If you promote an open borders policy, I suggest that you stop locking the doors in your house and let it be known that your doors are not locked. How do you think that would work? How long would you have what you have, and

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