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Dump The Two State Solution

Tom Wallace If you keep trying to achieve the same mission for 82 years and keep coming up with failed results, maybe it’s time to try something else. The International community has been offering the same solution to secure peace in the Middle East, more specifically, to get the Arabs and Muslims to live peaceably with the Jews and it hasn’t worked. The solution has always been The Two State Solution. The Five Arab Rejections The Peel Commission in London determined that the reason why there are constant uprisings in the Middle East is that both the Jews and the Arabs want to govern the same piece of Land. They concluded that the solution is to divide up the land and create two States. ONE – In 1936 the British offered 80% of the Land to the Arabs and 20% to the Jews. The Jews voted to accept the offer. But the Arabs rejected it. This was the first of Five refusals by the Arabs to become a State. TWO – The next time was a decade later, the United Nations studied the problem and they proposed a two state solution and to give a majority portion to the Arabs.

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