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Christianity Is Exclusive

One of the big differences between Christianity and Islam is that Christianity encourages reasoning. God, Himself, said, “Come, let us reason together.” Christianity encourages debate and dialog. It commands us to study to show ourselves approved unto God. Jehovah even challenges us to put Him to the test. On the other hand, Islam does not permit any questioning or examination. If a Muslim starts asking questions, he is quickly silenced. He is told just to trust the imams and obey what they say. Those who have left Islam have often confirmed this to me. They began to see hypocrisy and contradictions in the texts and in the teachings of Islam. When they began to ask questions they were quickly silenced. Muslims managed to get UN Resolution 16-19 passed about 13 years ago. It is only a resolution, and not international law, but it keeps getting reaffirmed again and again. It resolves that it is a criminal offense to speak out against Islam. Many European countries have been adopting this into their legal systems. This is why we keep seeing people prosecuted for telling the truth about Islam. Christians should be allowed to protect our teaching by exposing false teaching. We

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