History of Islam – Part 1

The History of Islam — Part 1 In the next three articles we are going to cover 1,400 years of Islamic history. We are going to pick up our look at Islam’s history at Muhammad’s death. He died in the year 632 AD. The Rashidun (Righteous) (Mecca, Saudi Arabi) Caliphs 632-661 Immediately after the death […]

History of Islam – Part 2

The History of Islam – Part 2 We call Islam a religion, but historically we see it is more of a political-military movement. We see this when we study the caliphates (empires) of Islam. Before we get into the next period, I want to go back to Muhammad’s migration to Medina. Not only did the […]

History of Islam – Part 3

The Regional Caliphates — Ottoman, Safavid, Mughal Empires Safavid Empire This empire started in 1501 and lasted until 1772. It is the background for Islam in modern Iran. It was predominantly the Shi’ite split, while the Ottoman Empire was more the Sunni side of things. It covered Iran, parts of eastern Turkey, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. […]