Do’s and Don’ts When Dealing With Islam

Here are ten do’s and don’ts of dealing with Islam. 1. Don’t try to restrict building Mosque just on the grounds you don’t like Islam. If you try to do so you can be sure you will lose the battle. An example of this is seen in the results of what happened in Bridgewater, New […]

Islam: Religion of the Devil

In this article, I want to talk about why Islam is the religion of the Devil. This religion did not come from Jehovah God and if it didn’t come from Jehovah God, it came from His enemy. Before I get into showing how Muhammad was demon possessed and how this religion came into being I […]

How To Engage Muslims With The Gospel

Today we are going to look at some practical things that will help you engage Muslims for Christ. It is good to have Shahram, who is a former Muslim from Iran, talking to us about these things because he knows how best to approach Muslims and how they will respond to the Gospel. Before we […]

How To Share The Gospel With Muslims

If you don’t have Muslims in your area now, you soon will. The refugee program is bringing more and more Muslims into our country. It all started under Bill Clinton. He signed an immigration law that is bringing in more and more immigrants into this country. Its purpose is to bring diversity into the United States. […]

Can Muslims Read The Bible?

Many of you live where there are large populations of Muslims. I want to deal with how you can share the Gospel with them. Some time ago I wrote a tract, “Are Muslims Forbidden To Read The Holy Bible.” I want to share some of the things in this tract to help you know how […]

Sources of Islamic Doctrine

There are two major sources of Islamic doctrine. Of course, the first of these is the Qur’an. Everyone has heard about the Qur’an, but sadly, most people think that is is all of the Islamic scriptures. There is another source which is almost as important to Muslims as the Qur’an for understanding the doctrine of […]