The Thought Police Are Active In America

The Thought Police Are Active In America

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Today we interviewed Steve, the founder of the Counter Jihad Coalition. He  shared what has happened to him in his attempt to protect America from the assault of Islam by using critical thinking and debate, and by discussing the concerns and differences we have with this ideology.

We have something in common, we have both been thrown off Facebook for speaking the truth about Islam. Facebook has become Sharia compliant, and is only allowing speech that it deems suitable. It will not allow speech that offends Islam, which is an ideology that promotes hate and violence against those who don’t agree with its teachings.

The Counter Jihad Coalition (CJC) was formed about seven or eight years ago. They saw the need to get the truth to people because they were not seeing it on TV or hearing it on radio. The question was asked, what can we do to get the truth out about political Islam and the violence inherent in its doctrine. They started putting together some factual, simple to read, brochures and distributing them tto those who wanted to know more about Islam and its teachings.

Today there are more than thirty brochures available at their website on different aspects of Islam. You can also subscribe to their email list on their site.

Steve goes to a mall that has a time and place for free speech to pass out his literature. He has been doing this for about a year, and last week there was an incident that threw this into a tailspin. They have been setting up their booth at the mall and passing out these brochures to those who want them.

Last Saturday, a couple of Muslims came by and started yelling, screaming, and shouting at them. They were using the Muslim strategy of accusing us of being hateful for telling the truth about Islam. They had seen both of these Muslims before, and they thought they would go away as they had done in the past. This time they did not, they just kept causing a disturbance.

Steve called security and told them that these Muslims were causing a problem. He wanted the situation to calm down, and not boil over. Four of the mall security officers arrived very quickly, and right after that, four LA County Sheriff Deputies showed up.

by this time there were several hundred people gathered to see what was going on. The police and the security officers separated the different groups to keep things from getting out of hand. Things finally settled down.

After things settled down, we had about an hour left in the time alloted for our event. A deputy came over to Steve, and Steve asked if they were going to escort the belligerent Muslims out of there. He said they were going to wait and see what management wanted.

It is interesting that these Muslims were inciting violence, and they let them stay until the mall management decided what they wanted done. The mall manager came and told Steve that they would have to close down early. Steve asked why they didn’t just escort out the Muslims who were causing the problem. The manager said that the Muslims said they have a right to be there, and they would not leave until CJC was gone. Mall management had decided to submit to Sharia, rather than stand for our right of free speech, which was what this whole time and place was supposed to be about. Not wanting the situation to escalate, Steve was willing to pack up and leave.

Every time CJC went to the mall, they had to fill out an application, which was approved by the management, so what CJC was doing had been approved. It was not the first time, so management knew what they were approving.

Lets think about the future ramifications that could come from this. Suppose Muslims were to find one of the shops to be selling things they found immodest, and they started causing a disturbance. Remember, they have just been shown that this intimidation works. Would they shut down the store to please the Muslims?

Believe me, they will find something else to protest against. This is what they have been doing in Europe, and it is working there. Muslims have learned to follow “Rules For Radicals” to intimidate people into submission to Shariah.

CJC had over 12,000 followers on their Facebook page. They would post pictures of their public events when they would speak to a school or a church, or some other group. About three weeks ago someone called Steve and asked what was wrong with their Facebook page. He went to the site and there was a message saying they had temporarily taken down the site for 24 hours.

Steve sent messages asking why that had taken the site down. To this day he has not received a response. A lot of the followers have also sent Facebook messages asking why the site was taken down, and none of them have received a response. The 24 hours has turned into nearly a month.

At fortress of faith we received a notice saying that we were taken down because hate speech was not permitted. There was a button on the notice for me to appeal. They don’t tell you what you what you said that was offensive, nor give any evidence to what offended their policy, they just shut you down.

When you do hit the appeal button, you get a message saying the appeal has been filed, and Facebook will make a decision withing 48 hours. Apparently the decision has already been made, it is “bang, you’re gone.”

At Fortress of Faith we have initiated legal proceedings against Facebook. Our lawyers have sent them letters, and we will let you know what happens with this. We could end up with a class action lawsuit.

We know why they are shutting down sites like ours. Recently, about the time we were shut down, a VP, or someone of that level, from Facebook visited Pakistan and spoke with the Muslim leaders there on this very issue. They don’t want the truth to get out about the true nature of Islam.

This is the day we live in, and your support to our ministries, and other ministries like ours, is important if you want to see the truth getting out. We can’t do what we do without your support, both financial and prayer.

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