Suppression of Free Speech

Suppression of Free Speech

Today we had Robert Spencer, the founder of Jihad Watch on our broadcast. Jihad Watch was founded in 2003. Mr. Spencer has published many books and spoken around the nation, and internationally, warning about the issues of Islam. I have read some of his books, and am grateful for the service he has done.

Those of us who stand against Islam are being harassed for speaking truth, not for being hateful, but for simply speaking the truth about what Islam is really about. The main force behind this harassment is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). They are maligning us as hate groups. Efforts are being made to get us off social media and to interfere with our financial support by intimidating our funding sources, like PayPal. PayPal had shut down Jihad Watch’s account, but fortunately, has now reversed its decision to do so.

As usual, when we interview someone on our broadcast, rather than trying to type out a transcript of the broadcast, we post the audio so you can hear what they say in their own words. You can listen to the interview with the player below.

You will learn that the forces use intimidation to shut those who differ from their politically correct positions. All you have to do is tell the truth about Islam, believe in traditional values, including believing in traditional marriage, and you will be considered at hate group.

You will also learn that standing for the truth can be dangerous. Those who stand for the truth, do so at the risk of their lives because of the incitement of these forces. He tells of incidents where his and other’s lives have been threatened by those who were influenced by the vitriol of these forces.

We continue to put out the truth in spite of this danger because the truth is important to our survival as a nation. We cannot do this without your support. To help keep us on the air, would you consider supporting our ministry on a regular basis by using the form in the sidebar, or by calling us at 1-800-616-0082.

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