Islam, America’s Trojan Horse!

Islam, America’s Trojan Horse!

Today I want to look at some things from Dr. Don Boys’ book “Islam, America’s Trojan Horse!” Dr. Boys used to be a Representative for the State of Indiana. He has authored more than a dozen books. He used to be a syndicated journalist for USA Today. He has been a guest on CNN and Fox Fire, and other news  programs.

He wrote this book shortly after the attack on 9/11. In a few days we will reach another anniversary of this attack by Islamic terrorists. Not every is a terrorist, but every terrorist that has attacked us is a Muslim.

I want to share a portion of this book that I actually missed on my first reading. The first time I picked up the book, I picked the chapters I wanted to read for information that he was discussing. I am going through it again, and I came across some things that were like an Ah Ha moment.

There is a connection with the Oklahoma City bombing and Muslim terrorists. When I think of this event, two names come to mind, Timothy McVeigh and his partner Terry Nichols. These two men were white supremacists who hated government. There were 168 people killed in this bombing. There is a connection, which has not been reported in the media, between these two men an Osama bin Laden.

About 6 years before the 9/11 attack, there were  people speaking about an attack that was coming, by bin Laden’s people, where they would fly airplanes as bombs into the White House and the Capital Building in Washington DC. It is not being revealed that the FBI and the government have pushed this aside and ignored it. There are affidavits showing that it was known that there was a connection between these men and what they called “Middle Eastern men.”

The story starts with an NBC affiliate journalist, Jayna Davis. She is an investigative reporter who started looking into this story. In her investigation, a number of people told her about Middle Eastern men running from the building just before the bomb went off. She started looking into the reasons for this. She took what she learned to the FBI, but the FBI didn’t want to hear it. I will show you why latter.

She found that there were connections to this crime between, not just McVeigh and Nichols, but also with these Middle Eastern men. She wrote a letter to David Schippers, a lifetime Chicago Democrat, and the impeachment attorney for the House of Representatives impeachment trial of Bill Clinton. In one of the affidavits by a man named Bodansky it said:

Bin Laden’s people, the original target was supposed to be the White House and the Capital Building, and they were going to use commercial airliners as bombs.

The date on this was February 19, 1995. This is more than 6 years before the attack on 9/11.

In July, 2001, Schippers took this information on bin Laden’s plans to use airplanes to attack the White House and the Capital Building to the US Deputy Attorney General. He was told that someone would get back with him, but they never did. Just two months later, we were attacked.

There is more information in the book about McVeigh and Nichols involvement with these Middle Eastern men. I don’t have time to get into it today.

The motel clerk where McVeigh was staying said in an affidavit that she had seen him with an unknown number of Middle Eastern men. In another account, eight Middle Eastern men were identified by twenty-four witnesses as being with McVeigh and with Nichols before the bombing. Some of these Middle Eastern men were former Iraqi soldiers. There is a Middle Eastern connection between Osama bin Laden’s group, and the Oklahoma City bombing.

Here is why the FBI looked the other way.  It seems that there was a sting operation going on, and that the FBI knew about the Middle Eastern people’s connection with McVeigh and Nichols.

Danny Colson, who was the FBI’s top counter terrorism expert, checked into the Assembly Suit in Oklahoma City nine hours before the bomb went off. They deny that he was there, and say that he was in Texas at the time, however, the hotel records show that he was there. It seems that they were there watching, but did not prevent it from happening. They have tried to bury all of this and kill the connection.

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