In The News – 09-14-2017

In The News – 09-14-2017

 President Trump has been trying to protect us from terrorists coming from countries where terrorism is rampant, and where there is no way to properly screen them. Under the Obama just about anyone was allowed to enter our country without proper screening. The Highest court in the land has ruled that the travel ban is not discrimination, it is an act of national security.

You can be sure that the liberals will be crying about this. They will try to find a way to undo anything President Trump tries to do. For those who are  paying attention, it is clear that the left will oppose anything President Trump does, even if it is what is best for the country. The will do so even if it jeopardizes our national security. They tried to make this a ban on Muslims, but there are 57 Muslim countries, if we include Palestine, and the ban only involved 6 of them.

Palestine is not yet an official country. It has been offered to them, but they have refused. Israel, on several occasions, has said they would be happy with a two state solution to the problem. There never has been a Palestinian state before, but Israel is willing to accept there being one if they can live as peaceful neighbors. The Palestinians have rejected it every time it has been offered.

The two state solution was the brain child of the British government when they were given the mandate to divide the land after WWI. The British are the ones who started calling the Arabs in that area Palestinians.

Although the decision by the Supreme Court is really a mute point because the time period we needed is passed, it is still a victory for the Trump administration, and for common sense.

Top Muslim Cleric says “Stop pretending Orthodox Islam and Violence aren’t Linked.

A top Muslim scholar, from the largest Muslim country in the world, Indonesia, has said that it is time to stop pretending that orthodox Islam and violence are not linked. This does not fit with the message we are getting in the West, especially in the US and Canada. Our government and the news media keep telling us that the violent strain of Islam is the fake Islam.

This Muslim cleric is now saying what I have been saying for years. The real  Islam is the militant Islam, and the peaceful Islam is the fake Islam. Those who follow the true teachings of the Islamic scriptures and of their Prophet, Muhammad, will subscribe to violence as the proper way to spread their religion. They will endorse the killing of unbelievers if they will not convert to Islam.

This Muslim cleric has over 50 million followers in Indonesia. It is good that a top Muslim scholar is finally admitting that what we see with groups like ISIS is the true Islam.


Authorities finally raid Islamberg and find cache of weapons and bomb making materials.

We have known that there was a cache of weapons in Islamberg, NY for some time. The authorities have finally raided this cache. This group has been operating for two decades. The group behind this is related to a Pakistani organization that supports terrorist groups. They have not been identified by our government as a terrorist organization.

It has been suspected that this was a training ground for terrorists for about 20 years. There are about 22 of these enclaves throughout America. They are usually found in locations that have a small police force. They hide themselves in very rural areas and have as small a footprint as possible.

In the raid they found lots of military grade weapons and many rounds of 50 cal. and other ammunition. They have, of course, seized all of this material. The most interesting thing they found in this raid was a man who had dropped off the radar. He was arrested back in the 1970s for crimes, spent time in prison, and then disappeared.

They found materials for bomb making in his house. There was enough material to built up to 50 bombs. We are not told exactly what types of bombs they were.

This took place because of of the residents, Ramadan Abdullah, was recently arrested for theft. He broke into a gun store and was stealing ammunition. This gave the authorities the right to get a search warrant to finally enter the compound.

 Antifa threatens to smash Anti Islamophobia meeting

There is a meeting in Toronto, CA by he group opposing Motion M-103, which will make it a criminal offense to say anything negative against Islam. This meeting is coming up on Sunday, and there will be a number of speakers there, including Dr. Bill Warner, Debera Weis, and others. Antifa is threatening to show up and try to block these people’s efforts to protect the freedom of speech in Canada.

Antifa is a group that claims to be anti-Fascist, but use fascist tactics to stop those who disagree with them. Just like Hitler’s Brown Shirts did, they go around as thugs threatening and beating up the opposition. This is just another example of how the left accuses others of being and doing what they, themselves, are and do.

I just want to warn those of you who may be going to this meeting, be prepared for some trouble.

Moderate United Arab Eremites jail man for insulting Islam on Facebook

An electricity welder who was sentenced to one year in jail on the charge of insulting Islam on social media, has lost his appeal in court.

The Court of First Instance convicted the 31-year-old Indian worker in May of disrespecting and insulting Prophet Muhammad in posts he shared on Facebook.

It is not much better in the West. People aren’t arrested or jailed for criticizing Muhammad. They’re just excoriated as racist, bigoted Islamophobes, and shunned by all “decent” people, and concerted efforts are made to deny them access to all means of communication.

It seems that everyone in the world agrees that Muhammad, alone of all human beings, must never be criticized. You can insult Jesus, or any other religious figure, but not Muhammad.

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