Confronting Muslims With The Gospel - 3

We are continuing with the testimony of Nabeel Qureshi. He was a Muslim who converted to Christ and was greatly used of God in spreading the truth about Islam. We have heard about his struggle with leaving Islam. Today we will hear how he wrestled with the doctrines. There are three major issues that Muslims have a problem with. They have been taught that Jesus was just a man, that He didn’t die on the cross, and that the Bible is corrupt.

As Christians, we need to learn to deal with these three issues if we want to reach Muslims for Christ.

Did you hear the end of that? Wow! That is where we need to get people if we really want to see them saved. We have to get away from this simply believe in Jesus, and show people who God really is, and why our sin has separated us from Him and all that is good. The lost need to know that they are without hope, and there is nothing they can do. It must prick them in their harts. Only then will they really understand their need, and really humble themselves before a holy God.