In The News – Friday 09-29-2017

In The News – Friday 09-29-2017

This week we have been discussing the subject of Islamophobia. This word is thrown around as if it was a settled issue. They act like everyone know what is being talked about when the word is used. We don’t really know what it is about, except that it is used to try and shut up anyone who dares say anything Islam doesn’t like about their ideology.

The ambiguity of this term can make it mean just about anything. They want to put this word, with all of its ambiguity, into the legal code. The efforts in Canada to do so are advancing at an alarming rate through Motion M103.

It is getting to the point that if you say you are against Islamic terrorism, you could be classified as Islamophobic.

Our good friend, Shahram Hadian, was speaking in Saint Cloud, MN, and there were people there to protest. He was speaking at the Granite City Baptist Church. Shahram is a former Muslim from Iran, who is now a Christian preacher. Look at one of the sign that the protesters had:

Do you see what I am talking about when I say the word “Islamophobia” can be used to mean anything you want it to mean? This is the problem with making up terms like this and throwing them out with no clear definition.

Shahram Hadian

What really makes this interesting is that Shahram is the speaker, and he is not white. He is from Iran, and is Middle Eastern. He as the olive skin color that all of us white people are jealous of. We spend hours in the sun or tanning studios trying to get it.

The people holding the sign are white. The person standing in front of the sign with the megaphone is also white, as is just about everyone else in the photo. Sometimes the liberals don’t realize the irony of what they do and say.

I have said many times that I oppose every kind of supremacy, no matter what color is associated with it. God only created one race, and that is the human race. The color of one’s skin matters not to me or to God. The melanin that gives us our skin color does not matter. We all have the melanin that produces skin color.

The idea that our skin color makes us one race or another is a false narrative. It is used to cause divisions, and sadly, some Christians have bought into it. We all think their are different races, but in reality, there is only one race, the human race.

Another thing we must remember is that Islam is not a race. Islam is not just an Arab religion. The Arabs were around long before Islam. Islam was born in Arabia, and the language of Muhammad was Arabic. They try to keep their scriptures and the practice of their religion in Arabic, but only about 15% of the Muslims in the world are Arabs. Eighty-five percent of Muslims don’t speak Arabic. They memorize things in Arabic for their religious rituals, without knowing what they mean

Islamophobia is a myth. It is a ruse used to stop you and me from criticizing Islam.

Can’t We Talk About This?

Let me remind you about a video that was published recently. It tells of a journalist who, just as he was about to be beheaded by Muslims, asked, “Can’t We Talk About This?” He was asking critical questions about Islam, and that is the issue. We want to discuss the facts, but Islam doesn’t want us to do so. The facts are not favorable to Islam and to Muslims.

In Islamic countries no one is allowed to question Islam. Critical thinking is never encouraged or permitted. Now that Islam has come into the West, where critical thinking and analyzing is a standard way of thinking, it can’t stand the light that is showing it for what it really is.

For Christianity, the more it is challenged, the more we look at how we got our Bible and our doctrine, the more it is proven to be right. When we apply the same critical thought to the Qur’an, the doctrines of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad, and the history of Islam, the more it becomes a sinking ship. This is why Islam must crush the freedom of speech.

Saudi Arabia has now joined the 21st century.

In Saudi Arabia they have lifted their ban on women driving. This was an outright sowing of the oppression of women in Islamic nations.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has issued a decree allowing women to drive for the first time. They can only drive after they reach 30 years of age, within the city limits, and during daylight hours.

Audit Shows Terrorist Relationship In Canadian Mosque

A charity that runs a Vancouver-area mosque was found to have connections to and possible control by the Eid Foundation. It is particularly concerning given that publicly available information … indicates that the Eid Foundation is alleged to have provided support to terrorism,” the CRA Charities Directorate wrote.

It was also found that the President of the mosque spent over $50,000 of the mosques money for personal use, things like visits to a spa, video games, jewelry, etc.

The mosque was fined for the President’s misuse of funds, but not for the terrorist connections.

Mass graves found as Rohingya Muslims massacre Hindus

I have spoken before of the thousands of Muslims fleeing Myanmar and going to Pakistan. The establishment media continues to portray the Rohingya Muslims as the victims of “Buddhist terror.” Reality, as always, is not so simple. They have found mass graves where those Hindus killed by the Rohingya Muslims are buried. As a result, the Rohingya Muslims have been banned from the country.

President Trump Has Announced A New Travel Ban

You can be sure the news will try to make this an anti-Muslim ban. There are Muslim countries which have high terrorist risks, but there are also non-Muslim countries on the list, North Korea and Venezuela. We might call this Travel Ban Part 2.

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