In The News – 10-10-2017

In The News – 10-10-2017

Today I want to cover some things that have been in the news over the last couple of weeks.

Muslim Woman thrown off SouthWest Flight

A couple of weeks ago there was an incident on a SouthWest flight where woman was thrown off the plane by the police. She is claiming that she was thrown off the plane because she is a woman of color and a Muslim.

When the story first came out it was reported that a woman was complaining of a life-threatening allergy to two dogs onboard the flight. It was reported that she insisted the dogs be removed because of her allergy.

She was asked for some kind of documentation of this medical condition. She couldn’t produce the documentation. Instead of trowing the passengers with the dogs off the plane, SouthWest asked her to disembark. She refused so the police came and took her off the plane. She was combative, so they had to use force.

I really don’t know if this should have happened in the first place, but now the story has changed. She is now saying that the reason she was thrown off is because she is a Muslim, and that it was not her objection to a dog being on the plane.

Muhammad taught that dogs were dirty and filthy, although he had dog. It was OK for the Prophet to have a dog, but it wasn’t OK for anyone else to have one. If you study Islam, you will find that Muhammad was always above the law. For example, Muslim men could only have four wives, but the Prophet could have as many as he wanted. In Islam, it is said that if you have a dog in your home, or even a picture of one, the angels cannot enter your home.

She is claiming that she has a religious problem with dogs. She didn’t reveal this at the beginning. Now the story is being slanted by the media to say that a Muslim woman was thrown off the plane because of her religion.

University of Texas threatens Student with Expulsion for criticizing Islam

At the University of Texas, a bi-sexual student, Alfred McDonald, joined a conversation where a couple of people were discussing the religious views of the professors. Somehow the conversation turned to the topic of gays being killed by Muslims in Muslim countries.

McDonald mentioned that he had a dislike for Islam because his kind would be killed for his sexual preferences in ten Muslim countries. One of the people in the conversation happened to be engaged to a Muslim. She filed a complaint to the school authorities for the anti-Islam talk on campus.

He wasn’t attacking the girls Muslim fiancée for his views, he just stated the fact that in Islamic countries, if you are a practicing homosexual, you will be killed. Some say Muhammad demanded that they be thrown off a cliff. Others say that Muhammad taught they are to be stoned to death. There is division on how they are to be killed, but they all agree that they are to be killed. Some will actually throw them off a cliff or a tall building, and then stone them to ensure that the law of Islam has been fulfilled. In Islam, the only debate on homosexuality is, what was Muhammad’s rule on how to kill homosexuals.

A few days after the conversation, he was called in for a meeting with Dr Eve Browning. She is the Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Classics at the University of Texas at San Antonio. She threatened McDonald with expulsion from the school for his anti-Islam comment.

What he said was not a personal attack, he just stated the fact that homosexuals in Islamic countries are killed. He pointed out that he doesn’t care for Islam because of that.

Isn’t it interesting that the protection of the rights of the LGBT community is subordinated to the protection of Islam, even if what is said about Islam is true. It seems that on our college campuses you are not allowed to tell the truth about Islam. If anything one says shows Islam in a negative light, even if it is true, is grounds for expulsion. We don’t have laws prohibiting speaking against Islam, but colleges are taking the position that you are not allowed to do so.

MacDonald left the school and has established himself in another institution. He had recorded the conversation with Dr. Browning, and after he was secure in the new school, he released the recording.

Toronto District School Board defines Islamophobia

In Canada they just had an Islamic heritage month and the Toronto District School Board printed a resource guide for educators. The guide has defined Islamophobia:

“Islamophobia” as “fear, prejudice, hatred or dislike directed against Islam or Muslims, or towards Islamic politics or culture.”

We have been talking about this issue for some time because there is an effort to make Motion M103 a law in Canada. The motion uses the term “Islamophobia,” which is a very generic word, and has no definitive definition.

According to the Toronto District School Board, just disagreeing with a Muslim on a political issue can be construed as Islamophobia. If M103 becomes law it will become a crime to say anything that is not positive about Islam.

The Canadians are asleep on this issue. They are allowing a system to be created that will result in their own destruction.

I have been warning you for the past eight years that this was coming. Now it is taking shape right before our eyes. North America is facing its greatest challenge. It is more dangerous than Hitler’s Nazism, more dangerous than Stalin’s Communism, more dangerous than Secular Humanism, or any other ism we have faced.

Islam is trying to use our legal system to make it so we cannot stop the advance of this demonic ideology. They are tying to make it a crime to speak out against Islam. They want to shut down voices like Fortress of Faith. Any society that did not resist Islam lost its freedoms, and lost its religion. These things were replaced with tyranny in the form of a dictatorship and only one permitted religion, and the religion is Islam.

Islam has been a religion of the sword for more than 1,400 years, and it will continue to advance itself by the sword unless we resist it. It is time that we wake up and stand at the corner of Truth and Courage. We must have the courage to speak the truth about Islam, and resist this satanic ideology.

This is happening on our northern border. There are attempts to get this kind of thing passed into law here in America. This is difficult because we have First Amendment protection. It is, however, starting to take root in our colleges and universities.

We see bullying and intimidation to try and shut down any opposition to Islam. If we don’t fight for our heritage and our freedoms, we will lose them both. We can’t let this happen.

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