In The News – 10-20-2017

In The News – 10-20-2017

Evangelising Muslims

The first news Item I want to share with you is from Raqqa, Syria.

Raqqa is the capital city for the Islamic State. It has now been liberated by SDF (Syrain Democratic Forces). US backed forces finally liberated the City of Raqqa.

An offensive started there 4 months ago under Trumps leadership. SDF backed by US airstrikes drove out the Islamic Caliphate. 3 years ago the self proclaimed Caliph (Emporer) Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi claimed the Christian city of Raqqa as his headquarters. Today he is on the run.

What do we know about Raqqa? Before war it had a population of 300 thousand. It was a Christian stronghold. It was a beautiful, prosperous city. Today stands in rubble from the bombing it took to drive ISIS out. Reports tell us that 270,000 of the residents fled the city. The famous Al-Naim square, where we saw the first videos proclaiming that ISIS had taken over the city, now stands in ruin. This is the same square where we saw many Christians executed by ISIS. Some were beheaded, others were crucified.

In the past, we reported how the terrorists were bottling the blood of these Christian martyrs and sending it to their financial supporters in Saudi Arabia. In Islam it is taught that, if you cannot perform jihad yourself, your financial support of the jihadis is equal to your doing it with them. The Saudi supporters were washing their hands in this blood.

ISIS danced in jubilation in this square when they took over. Now the SDF is doing the same.

Revelation Chapter 17 tells us of the city of the great whore, which I maintain is Mecca, because the desccription better fits Mecca than Rome. It is called Babylon after the city where Nimrod built his tower. There are two possible locations for the original Babylon. One is in ancient Persia, and the other is Mecca.

So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. (Revelation 17:3)

The place where the woman is in this chapters is in the wilderness. Mecca is in the wilderness, Rome is not. Mecca is surrounded by seven mountains.

And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. (Revelation 17:9)

The original name of the Kaaba in Mecca is the Temple of Babylon (Kaaba Babel). Verse 6 tells us they will be drunk with the blood of the martyrs.

And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration. (Revelation 17:6)

It is good news to know that Raqqa has fallen, and ISIS is on the run.

London UK

A 141 page Report called The New Netwar: Counering Extremism Online was just published by UK company the Policy Exchange. The report reveals that ISIS is still the NUMBER ONE terrorist organization filling the Internet with Jihadi material. We have been hearing that there has been a decline but this report say there has not, it is still there.

I believe that Al Baghdadi saw the writing on the wall and started sending his soldiers into Europe and other locations around the world. I predict that ISIS will continue to function. They are still recruiting and still propagating their agenda.

UK leads all of Europe in downloading this content. The platform they use in the UK is called Telegram. It is Russian social media platform with more than 100,000,000 users. About 350,000 new users sign up every day and there are about 15 billion daily messages.

ISIS also communicates through the meta tags in their pictures. These are pieces of data encrypted into the pictures. They are not visible unless you know how to decode them.

London- England

On the 16 anniversary of 9/11, a report from the London Telegraph headlined Teachers ‘scared’ to teach lessons on 9/11 terror attack says that teachers, particularly those who work in schools with a high proportion of Muslim students, see it as a contentious topic and shy away from teaching it. They are afraid of being accused of “Islamophobia.” Muslim children will say they are attacking Muslims, they are attacking their faith. This will result in complaints to their parents. The pressure to subvert the truth to political correctness is great. The easiest way for the teachers to avoid the problems is to not mention it.

WALES, United Kingdom

A Christian church has been accused of a “lack of unity” after it rejected a Muslim group’s bid to hold Koran studies in the church’s hall.

Kenny Khan, the councillor representing the Muslim group is calling for a “FULL INVESTIGATION.” Apparently this Muslim group had paid £320, which was sent to Llanbeblig Parochial Church Council. He said he was very clear that they were Muslims. It was all explained clearly to the church that it was for religious and cultural classes.. There was no ambiguity.

But Rev Donaldson told the Daily Post there had been a “misunderstanding”, and that it was initially thought the group were looking to use the hall for bible studies. He said: “The understanding was they were going to hold ‘bible readings’. Two men from the church came into the hall to collect the cheque and actually saw the congregation praying on their mats.”

The problem is that this Hall receives funds from the government. They receive Lottery Funds from the Lottery Commission. In the UK, the lottery gives funds to charity groups, and many churches receive these funds. When the government gives fund, they always come with strings attached. It is likely that this church will lose it charitable status because of this incident.

Churches need to be warned that with shekels comes shackles. It is dangerous to accept government licensing or government funds. They will be used to control what you teach and what you do.

Churches need to remember that the government does not give us our authority. Our authority comes from God. Church properties are owned by God, it is His church.

Edinburg University, Scotland

A 21 Year old law student is being investigated for a hate crime. He is accused of putting minority students at risk and in a state of panic because he made a comment on Facebook, After reading news about the U.S. Air Force bombing a stronghold of ISIS in Afghanistan back in April he said:

“I’m glad we could bring these barbarians a step closer to collecting their 72 virgins.”

Muslim student Esme Allman, played the VICTIM CARD, saying Travers breached the student code of conduct with his comments.




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