In The News – 10-27-2017

In The News – 10-27-2017

Miami FL – Terrorist Attack Foiled

The police were able to foil a terrorist attack at the Dolphin Mall, in Miami-Dade, FL.
Vicente A. Solano told the informant that he wanted to carry out a terrorist attack at a crowded Miami-Dade mall on Black Friday, the big Christmas shopping day after Thanksgiving, according to federal authorities. The informant said he could introduce Solano to someone who could assist him but he needed proof that his intentions were for real. Is there any surprise that Solano is a Muslim trying to wage jihad against the non-Muslims? Some Want us to believe that these are just hateful people who are distorting Islam. The truth is, this is exactly what Muhammad commanded his followers to do. They were commanded to wage war and strike terror into the hearts of the infidels. Sharia Law demands the killing of all non-Muslims, especially Christians and Jews, who will not convert to Islam.

Cleveland OH – Muslim Father pleads Guilty for Honor Killing of Daughter

A Muslim father pleads guilty of killing his daughter because he felt she disrespected his rules about coming home late and failing to clean up her room. Here is what the Shara Law Book says on this issue:
ROT – O1.0 Who is Subject to Retaliation for Injurious Crimes
o1.1 Retaliation is obligatory against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right.
o1.2 The following ARE NOT subject to retaliation:
(1) a child or insane person
(2) a Muslim for killing a non-Muslim
(3) a Jew or Christian subject to the Islamic state for killing an apostate….because a subject is under its protection. (Dhemmi)
(4) a father or mother for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring.
You will notice that a father or mother can kill their offspring, or their offspring’s offspring for whatever reason, and they are not guilty of a crime under Sharia Law. This is the law under which Muslims live, and the law they want to impose on the rest of the world. This is why we see many “honor killings” by Muslim parents in the US. They don’t get reported like they should because of fear of offending Muslims. I really don’t think we want to trade our laws for Muslim law.

A Federal Judge Blocks President Trump’s Travel Ban

Again, a judge in Hawaii blocked President Trump’s travel ban, even after the Supreme Court said that the President has the right to ban people from coming into our country. The only requirement is that he deems them to be a security risk. The Supreme Court has ruled a second time that the President’s executive order stands. Hopefully this will be the end of this nonsense.

What to do if you if you see Islamophobia has put out an article that everyone should read. It is a guide on what you should do if you see Islamophobia. Its purpose is to keep Islam from suffering harassment. Let me start by saying we should not harass Muslims. At Fortress of Faith we oppose Islam and argue against its teachings and practices, but we stand against harassment of Muslims. We often say, don’t blame Muslims for Islam, they are Islam’s greatest victims. Bigotry and hatred toward Muslims should be vigorously condemned. When someone tells me they hate Muslims, or that they do things to harass them, I rebuke them. A lot of our listeners call us and tell us that before they started listening to Fortress of Faith on the radio they hated Muslims. They say that I have helped them understand that the problem is not with the Muslim, it is with Islam. It thrills my heart when I get this kind of call. Muslims are God’s creations, and they will spend an eternity somewhere. They have been sold a lie, and we need to do every thing we can to reach them for Christ or they will spend an eternity in the Lake of Fire. What I found interesting in this guide is that it cited recent data from researchers at the California State University that said hate crimes against Muslims were up 78% since 2015. They site an article that claims hate crimes have increased since President Trump has been in office. I went to the data to see what it really said. It only looks at data from about 10 states. They are not using data from official sources like the FBI, they are using reports from colleges and the like. The incidents have not been investigated, they are merely accusations. The very day I was reading this article, the church that I was preaching at in Nebraska was vandalized with graffiti. The vandals spray painted the pastor’s car and spray painted the church with satanic symbols. I guess we should call this a hate crime. We know that if this was a mosque, it would be labeled as such. If it was a black church, it would be labeled a hate crime by a white supremacist. When this happens to a white church, it is rarely labeled a hate crime. A lot of the hate crime statistics are biased in favor of those who are considered victims by political correctness.

Canadian man found not guilty of raping wife

In Ottawa, Canada, a man was found not guilty of raping his wife because Sura 4:34 in the Qur’an gives him the right to demand sexual activity from his wife at any time he desires. This man’s religious beliefs gives him the right to rape his wife. If this had happened in a Muslim country, it would be understandable. The fact that it happened in a Canadian court show where we have arrived. In a case in the US, a New Jersey judge gave accommodation to Sharia in a US court, and it took a year for the judgment to be overruled. We have are laws, and we should not be subject to the foreign laws of Islam.

100,000 Brits join a Polygamy Site in the UK.

There is a website called supporting multiple wife marriages. Plural marriages are legal in the UK for Muslims. 100,000 Brits have signed up on this polygamist dating site. The site is designed to help Muslim men find a second, third, or forth wife. Islam gives Muslim men the right to marry up to four wives.

Sweden Issues Stamp featuring a Mosque to honor Islam

Sweden is embracing Islam and they are now printing stamps that honor and glorify the Islamic religion. One of the stamps represents a large Muslim mosque. Another represents something similar to one of the suburbs of the country.

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