The Muslim Invasion In Europe

The Muslim Invasion In Europe

On today’s broadcast I had a special guest, Yurgan, who is a national pastor in Germany. He is a good friend of mine from Bible College, and he married a good friend of my wife’s.

We discussed the invasion of Muslims into Europe, especially into Germany. As usual, when we have a guest I prefer that you hear them in their own voice so I will just mention a couple of things that we talked about. Listen to the interview below:

We don’t know who those who are coming into Europe and America as refugees from the Middle East really are. Passports are given out to anyone who asks for one. There were about 10,000 refugees coming in to Germany every day.

It costs about $1,500 per month just to house them. The real cost is probably closer to 5,000 per month. There are more problems in the larger cities than in the small towns.

Is I have often said, there is little effort for these Muslims to assimilate into the German culture. Most of these “refugees” are young men, and it is estimated that only about 3% of them are really war refugees. Most of the rest of them are just looking for a better life and to escape Islam. They come to Europe to live off the backs of the Christians and Jews. They live on welfare system.

If they come from Syria they get immediate refugee status regardless of their religion. Christians from other countries, like Iran, are refused asylum. Very few Muslims are rejected. There is no doubt that Muslims are given preference over Christians.

Yurgan has a ministry to reach those Muslims who have been sent to his down. The biggest success is with the Persians (Iranians). Most others reject their efforts.

When these refugees come, we need to try and reach them as soon as possible. The longer they are here, the more they get caught up in materialism, and the harder they are to reach.

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