Trump’s Tweets on ‘Anti-Muslim videos’

Trump’s Tweets on ‘Anti-Muslim videos’

Before I get into the meat of what I want to say, let me give you a quick summary of our ministry’s mission. It is threefold, and includes the following points:

Our First Goal – Resist / Refute Islam

Resisting Islam is one of the most important things we can do for our nations. Every country that has not resisted Islam has lost its freedoms. In Asia, almost all of the once large Christian communities are long gone because they tolerated, and did not resist Islam. Asia has the three largest Muslim countries in the world, Indonesia, Pakistan, and India. When the Muslims tried to take the West, we fought back and preserved our Christian heritage and freedoms. All that we fought to preserve in times past is now at risk. Our need to resist Islam has never been greater.

Let me make it clear, we are not anti-Muslim, but we are anti-Islam. Our problem is with the teaching of a man named Muhammad, who some 1,400 years ago claimed to be a prophet of God. He claimed that his god was the same God as the God of the Christians and the Jews. His message was greatly different from that of the God of the Christians and Jews. This, in itself, should tell us that he was not God’s prophet, the God of the Christians and Jews never changes. Muhammad was a charlatan, a con-man.

The ideology of Islam is very dangerous. It is no less than the danger of Nazism. Nazism believes that you should kill anyone who is a dissident, anyone who would dare to speak against it. Nazism believes that one man should be the supreme ruler of the world. This is why Muslims fought with Hitler during WWII.

Fortress of Faith is about resisting and refuting Islam.

Our Second Goal – Rescue Muslims

As I said, we are not anti-Muslim. We love Muslims. We believe they have been blinded by the teachings of Islam. We believe they need to be rescued and brought to the truth. Through our ministry we have seen some 85 Muslims come to Christ. We hope this is just the beginning of many more coming to Christ. We have started a sister ministry, Missions to Muslims Network, to ensure that it does.

Our Third Goal – Revive America.

I believe, and I have been preaching it for nearly a decade, that Jehovah God is judging North America and Europe for our sin. When Israel would turn its back on God, He first brought preachers to warn, bu if she didn’t repent and turn back to Him, He would bring judgment upon her. The judgment came through calamities like famine and being conquered by other nations. The enemy that God has raised up against the western nations is Islam.

The good news is that when Israel repented, God restored the nation to blessing. I believe this could happen in our nations if we would just turn back to the God of the Bible. If I did not believe this, I would not be involved in this ministry.

Revival only comes through the doorway of repentance. If we want our nations revived, we must repent and turn back to the God of our fathers. We will have to rid ourselves of all of our sinful ways and throw out all of our ungodly leaders. We need become a God fearing people and seek God fearing leaders to follow.

We want to see our nations rebuilt upon the foundation that made us great. That foundation is biblical principles.

This leads me to a problem in Europe. I spent 29 years of my life in Europe. I want to talk about what has been going on between Donald Trump and Teresa May. He re-tweeted some ‘anti-Muslim videos’ from Britain First.

I believe that President Trump is right in trying to bring back our nationality. The Democrats and the liberal left are trying to take away our nationalism. To them, being called a “nationalist” is taboo. They get upset with anyone who is for America, and for what America has stood for. The left is against America and does not want our Christian values. They want their multiculturalism that says every culture is equal to every other culture. One of their slogans is “Diversity is our strength.”

Multiculturalism has been practiced in Europe for 7 decades, and look at what it has produced. Even Angela Merkle, along with the leaders in England and France, said, in 2010, said multiculturalism has utterly failed. Even though they know this, they won’t, or can’t stop it. They continue allowing immigrants into their countries and don’t expect them to assimilate into the national culture. The European culture is based upon Christian principles. This is why the British people voted Brexit. The people understand that they are losing their country to Islam.

There are groups like Britain First who are taking a stand against the onslaught of Islam. I want to be very clear, I do not support the tactics and the methods of Britain First. They seem to be like the old National Front I used to know in England. I think they have just re-branded themselves as Britain First. If they are the same people, they are white supremacists. I think that is nonsense, God created one race, the human race. I don’t care what the color of your skin is.

And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation; (Acts 17:26)

I do believe in nationalism, and for them to protect their nationalism, nationality, and culture is good. They should welcome foreigners into their country and say, let’s all grow together, but you have chosen to come here because of some things that have made us what we are, adopt those things as yours, and let’s give everyone freedom of opportunity. This is supposed to be the American way.

Britain First is for preserving the national character, but they may also be white supremacists. If they are, we need to reject and refute them.

I don’t support this group, and I think it was unwise for President Trump to have re-tweeted their videos. It is very rare that I mention this group on our broadcasts because of what I suspect them to be.

There is a good political group in Great Britain that supports maintaining their nation values and culture. It is the UKIP Party (The United Kingdom Independence Party). One of their leaders, Nigel Farage, is, in my opinion, a great leader. If Trump had tweeted something from them, it would be a different story.

I think Trump is right in trying to expose the problems with what Islam is doing to Europe, but he used the wrong source. It is the source of the material he re-tweeted that is causing the friction.

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