Legal Immigration: The Refugee Resettlement Program – Part 1

Legal Immigration: The Refugee Resettlement Program – Part 1

Today we had Leo Hohmann on our radio broadcast. Leo writes for World Net Daily (WND), and has written a book cald “Stealth Invasion.” He started looking into the illegal immigration problem, and as he did, he found that there was a big problem with legal immigration, especially the refugee resettlement program. There was a lot of positive media attention on the refugee program, but no one had ever looked at its dark side.

We had been bringing in a lot of people from communist countries since the 60’s and 70’s, but now more and more were coming from Islamic countries which were governed by Sharia Law. The Sharia legal system does not fit with our laws and Constitution. There is also the issue of assimilation once they get here. The fact is, there is very little assimilation into our culture.

Islam has a very different set of values than those of us in the West. The first issue is that they don’t believe in a separation of mosque and state. For them religion, politics, culture, and government are all one. Islam is a religion, but it is also more than a religion, it is a complete system that governs every area of life.

Eighty-five percent of the imams in this country are foreign born. They have been educated in one of two major universities, one in Cairo, Egypt, and the other in Saudi Arabia. The come here with very little knowledge of the US system of government. They have no idea what is in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. They have no understanding of our First Amendment, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of religion. These are the bedrock values of America.

The number of mosques has exploded in this country. There are four times as many as there were on 9/11. We are in a mosque building binge in this country.

This brings up the question, Who is leading these mosques? It should concern us that eighty-five percent of them are led by imams who are schooled in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. They have degrees in Sharia Law from one of these two major Islamic universities. The imams must have this education in Sharia Law if they want to be registered imams. We are not talking about radical Islam, we are talking bout mainstream Islam.

We keep hearing about radicalization, radicalization by Youtube videos, and self-radicalization. It is much more insidious that a Youtube video. We have mosques in this country that are teaching about Sharia and jihad. This is the part of the problem that no one wants to look at. I know that this is a very complex problem in a country like America where we have freedom of religion. We have to have evidence, we can’t just go around raiding mosques. This would set a precedent that would allow them to raid our churches.

We have to find the line that goes beyond the freedom of religion, and becomes sedition. I propose we take a look at the religious visa program in this country. Most of these imams come in through this program. We need to find out their agenda when they come here, and maybe give them a crash course on our system. We need to make it clear to them that there are lines that cannot be crossed or they will be held accountable.

We have reported on the undercover journalists, especially in Great Britain, have done reports on the things being taught by these imams. Some of these things are horrifying. I realize that because of our freedom of religion, the state has to be very careful how they handle these things.

When we talk about eighty-five percent of the imams coming from these universities, we are not just pulling this information out of the air. Pew Research has put out a lot of studies on this.

We also need to look at who is funding these mosques. Seventy to eighty percent of the mosques in this country are at least partially funded by Saudi Arabia. The Muslim Brotherhood is funding a lot of them through their front organizations. We know that the Muslim Brotherhood is a very seditious organization. It was founded in 1928 in Egypt.

There is a bill in Congress that would declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. Other countries, Egypt included, have already done this. Countries like Egypt, Russia, and the UAE have baned the Muslim Brotherhood. Even Saudi Arabia, which funds a lot of Brotherhood operations, does not want them in their own country.

The UAE has not only named the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, it has done the same for CAIR, the main Islamic advocacy organization here in America. I believe that the bill in Congress to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, it would do the same for some of its offshoots, like CAIR.

The Muslim Student Association is another front group for the Muslim Brotherhood. It is doing a lot of damage on our college campuses, turning American students against Israel and giving out a lot of anti-Israel and anti-American propaganda.

I am going to end here for today. We will continue on this subject tomorrow.

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