Another Terrorist Attack In NYC

Another Terrorist Attack In NYC

There was another terrorist attack in New York City. A foreign born Muslim from Bangladesh who entered the country in 2001 through the chain immigration program, set off a primitive pipe bomb in an underground passage that led to Times Square.

The type of visa under which he entered the country is something that President Trump has condemned as incompatible with national security. The President is trying to get Congress to make changes to our immigration law to eliminate this type of visa and the lottery based visas. We need to get rid of them because they allow people into the country that are not properly vetted, and who do not share our values.

We are thankful that this bomb was either poorly constructed, and not powerful enough to do any real damage, or that it malfunctioned. It may have detonated prematurely. The only apparent victim in this bombing was the bomber, himself. There were a few others who had some temporary hearing problems because of the loudness of the bomb.

This does bring up the question, what will we change to keep the terrorists from doing more damage like they did on 9/11? It is my fear that one day they will succeed in setting off something like a dirty bomb or an EMP that will result in the loss of many, even hundreds of thousands of lives.

When will we be honest and admit that Muhammad’s Islam has declared war on us? Until we admit this, and turn our attention to a war against Muhammad’s Islam, we cannot win. I am very careful when I say this. I want you to understand there is the real Islam, Muhammad’s Islam, which is militant and is behind all of the death and destruction we see in the world today by Muslims. There is also the fake Islam, which is trying to reform Islam and make it something other than the Islam of Muhammad. I say it is fake Islam because it is something of their own imagination, and not the Islam of the Islamic scriptures. They are not following the real Islam.

Those who do take up arms against us are the ones following Muhammad’s Islam. They are the ones who have the courage to be obedient to the teachings of their Prophet and the true teachings of Islam. You don’t have to study this very deeply to figure this out. The sad thing is, people are not being honest about this issue.

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