Israel: We Foiled Major Terror Strikes on European Cities

Israel: We Foiled Major Terror Strikes on European Cities

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Israel: We Foiled Major Terror Strikes on European Cities

UK counterterror police take part in an exercise in London 2015. (Photo: BEN STANSTALL/AFP/Getty Images)

Israeli intelligence foiled major terrorist attacks planned against European countries, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The statements was made during a speech to ambassadors from member countries of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), at a meeting in Jerusalem, reported The Times of Israel.

“We have, through our intelligence services, provided information that has stopped several dozen major terrorist attacks, many of them in European countries,” Netanyahu said. “Some of these could have been mass attacks, of the worst kind that you have experienced on the soil of Europe and even worse, because they involve civil aviation. Israel has prevented that, and thereby helped save many European lives.”

Netanyahu also said Israel was fighting Sunni and Shiite radical Islamic terrorism coming from both ISIS and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“ISIS is being destroyed in Iraq and Syria, but it is trying to establish an alternative territorial base in the Sinai. Israel is contributing to preventing that in myriad ways. In general, I would say that Israel is the most powerful indigenous force in the Middle East that fights radical Islam,” Netanyahu added.

Regarding Iran, he said Israel’s efforts have prevented the transfer of 100,000 Iranian Shiite fighters to Syria to wage brutal sectarian war.

“Where will the spillover [of a Sunni-Shiite clash in Syria] happen? In Europe. Where will the human flow go? To Europe. Who’s preventing that right now? Israel? Right now, Israel alone. But I maintain that it’s a common interest that we have.”

Although Israel is not a member of NATO, it has close ties with many NATO countries and opened an office in the NATO headquarters in Brussels last year.

As radical Islamic terrorism continues the world, many countries are looking for its terrorism expertise. For example, in September 2017, Japan signed a memorandum of understanding with Israel for assistance with counter-terrorism as Japan looks to bolster security for the 2020 Summer Olympics to be held in Tokyo.  

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