Jehovah Has Smiled Upon Israel

Jehovah Has Smiled Upon Israel

Jehovah has Smiled upon Israel

Today, May 14, 2018, Israel celebrates their 70th year as a modern nation. I say Modern Nation as Israel is much, much older than 70 years. Israel can trace their national origins to the Holy Land back some 3,000 years to the throne of King David in Jerusalem. That is 10 times longer than us in the United States.

Today, on the dawn of their 70th year, the United States is opening our US Embassy in Jerusalem, making an International statement that the United States of America recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Many US presidents have talked about moving the capital to Jerusalem, but President Donald Trump has shown not only leadership but courage to do the right thing in spite of all the nay sayers that it cannot be done or should not be done.

With opposition from our European allies, who also oppose America pulling out of the Iranian Nuclear contract has taken a position of Appeasement toward the Muslim Bullies of the Middle East. I want to remind our European allies and Canada that Appeasement got you all into World War II with a stronger Nazi Germany and if you had listened to the warnings and leadership of Winston Churchill earlier, the body count of World War II would have been much lower in number or perhaps the war may have never taken place if the Bully was promptly dealt with.

I am not hear to promote Donald Trump, but I believe he sees the problems as did Winston Churchill and has positioned America in a potion to confront the bullies of the Middle East, not appease them.

Amidst all the turmoil of the Middle East, Israel, the only democratic republic in the Middle East, the youngest of their Muslim neighbors, in spite of their poor, humble beginnings and hostile neighbors, this little country has risen to great significance in just 70 short years.

It is evident that Jehovah God has smiled upon Israel, the nation he called the apple of his eye.

Bumpy Beginnings

Since Rome burned and abolished the State of Israel in 70AD, the Jews have been without a State home for 1,878 years. Yet, as prophesied in the Holy Scriptures, the throne of David will be re-established and the Jews would return to their ancestral home.

They began to return to the promise land in the late 1800’s due to the persecution of from Russia and Europe, Jews began to find their way back to the promise land. Poor and without a home or a country, they had a heritage and a hope to settle in the Biblical land of their ancestors.

It is helpful to understand the developments of 1920-1948 in the Middle East. The Arabs and the Muslim caliphate out of Turkey fought and lost with Germany against the Allies in World War I. The League of Nations was formed and they gave the British power over the Middle East divide up the land. The British drew up a map was in 1920 giving 95% of the land to Arabs and 5% to the future state of Israel. The Arabs in the region were to be called Palestinians and the plan to launch a “Two State Solution” was hatched.

The Arab’s rioted in rejection of the plan to give Jews a home and initially rejected the Palestinian idea. Britain drew up a second map in 1922, giving 80% of 5% to the Arabs instead to appease them. Meanwhile, the Arabs were rushing to fill the Biblical promise land with Arabs and eventually the Arabs began to adopt the British plan to form themselves as Palestinians.

With the rise of Hitler’s Holocaust and World War II in the 1940’s, surviving Jewish refugees fled to the promise land, only to be met by the British blockade who arrested them and stuck them into camps in Cyprus. Over 40,000 Jews died as a result of the British blockades. Yet those who survived the death camps and broke through the British lines would be rewarded with a new nation in 1948 when the British Mandate closed causing the British to leave the region.

At the stroke of Mid-night on May 14, 1948, the British Mandate ceased and the last of the British steamed out of Haifa. David Ben-Gurion of the Jewish People’s Council, made a declaration of Independence. Within hours of the declaration, US President Harry Truman gave America’s acknowledgment of Israel as a State, as did Stalin in Russia.

Before the ink had dried, the Arab nations attacked Israel, a young embryonic nation who did not have much of an army or weapons to fight for their independence. The odds of Israel surviving an all out attack from every side by battle hardened armies would be like a boy taking a slingshot to fight a fully armed warrior.

Israel was certainly outnumbered and out-gunned, but they were not outmatched. Israel was fighting with Jehovah as their God and protector. The Arabs were fight with Allah is their god and the outcome of Israels fight for Independence was like reading the Old Testament where God brought his chosen people victory against all the odds. A total of three times, the Arabs have tried to destroy Israel only to not only loose each war but loose their territory too.

Like the valiant men who fought with Gideon and the builders of the wall with Nehemiah, the Jews have had to be ever vigilant of attacks from their enemies. Since 2001, over 25,000 missile, rockets, motors and projectiles have hit Israel from her Muslim neighbours. Between 1948 and 2017, over 3,100 Isralies have died due Muslim terrorist attacks. The Jerusalem Post reports that more rockets were fired into Israel in 2017 than the previous two years. Saying that, I have never felt in danger in Israel and I often wonder alone in the Arab sector in Jerusalem when I am in Israel.

Inspite of all the disadvantages and constant demonetization from the international community in UN, Israel has achieved Amazing accomplishments which goes to prove that Jehovah God is smiling on Israel.

Amazing Accomplishments

The Old Testament described the promise Land as a land that flows with Milk and Honey. Milk means cows in green pastures. Honey comes from bees which means flowers and vegetation. Today, Israel truly flows with milk and honey but that is only a recent development.

In the late 1800’s, Mark Twain visited the Middle East. He wrote of his journeys in the promise land and he described it as a wilderness. Treeless and shadeless and lack of vegetation. He said, “If this is the promise land, I hope it is not promised to me!”

(The region became a wilderness due to the conquering Muslims who placed a tax the trees, forcing the occupants to cut down their trees, thus killing the economy and the Eco-system.)

Today, great portions of the country are lush with green fields and orchards of fruit and olives. They have huge desalination plants which takes enables them to water their fields with water from the Mediterranean, an endless supply. Their fruit exports use to lead their economy. Although they still produce much of the fruit in the region, Israel’s leader in their economic exports has turned to science and technology.

Ynet News reports there are 105,000 Jewish Millionaires and 18 Billionaires. According to US News, Israel’s economy is ranked 30th with a GDP of 319 Billion dollars. Yet in technology, they are ranked 20th. For education, 23rd and ranked 8th in the World as being the most influential. When I last visited Israel, I learned that they have a surplus of over 100 Billion dollars, unlike America who runs a deficit of 21 Trillion dollars,

According to global fire power, Israel is given a ranking of 16th in the World for their fire power. A nameless source in the Pentagon tells me that Israel’s tanks are superior to our own in the US and none can rival Israel’s skill for security. Israel conscripts their youth at the age of 18 to train and serve as soldiers in the IDF, Israels Defense Force. Of the 15 million Jews in the world, there are less than 7 Million living in Israel. Every Jew is trained, with the exception of the Orthodox religious Jews but that might be changing in the near future. This means that most of Israel is trained to fight and they all are ready to defend their nation, their very existence requires it.

Israel is a world leader in science and technology. The Bloomberg Global Innovation Index ranked Israel as number 10 in the world. As of 2017, 892 Nobel prizes have been awarded; 23% have been awarded to Jews. Almost one fourth of the prizes award to a nation of people who make up only .2% of the World Population. Compare that to Muslims, who make up 23% of the world population who have been only awarded seven. Let that sink in. Muslims make up about one quarter of the World population and have only seven Muslims have contributed something to the global community that we could applaud. Yet Israel, only 15 Million (.2%) of the people on this ball have given mankind almost one quarter of all the Noble awards. God has truly blessed the Jews with wisdom, courage, tenacity and skill.

Genesis 12:3 – And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. This verse has great significance, it has guided the US foreign policy and we too have been blessed for blessing Israel. God bless Israel on this, their 70th Anniversary!

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