Dump The Two State Solution

Dump The Two State Solution

If you keep trying to achieve the same mission for 82 years and keep coming up with failed results, maybe it’s time to try something else.

The International community has been offering the same solution to secure peace in the Middle East, more specifically, to get the Arabs and Muslims to live peaceably with the Jews and it hasn’t worked. The solution has always been The Two State Solution.

The Five Arab Rejections

The Peel Commission in London determined that the reason why there are constant uprisings in the Middle East is that both the Jews and the Arabs want to govern the same piece of Land. They concluded that the solution is to divide up the land and create two States.

ONE – In 1936 the British offered 80% of the Land to the Arabs and 20% to the Jews. The Jews voted to accept the offer. But the Arabs rejected it. This was the first of Five refusals by the Arabs to become a State.

TWO – The next time was a decade later, the United Nations studied the problem and they proposed a two state solution and to give a majority portion to the Arabs. The Jews voted again to accept the offer but the Arabs rejected this offer by launching an all out war on Nov 29, 1947. The Jews succeeded in holding control of, not only all the areas that was allocated to them by the UN, but also gained some Arab territory in the war.

THREE – The Third offer came from Israel themselves in 1967. After the surprise attack from their Arab neighbors, in what we call the six day war, Israel came out on top and gained control of the West Bank and Gaza. Israel offered these lands back to the Arabs if the Palestinians would create their own state and live in peace with Israel. The Arab league meet in Sudan to consider the offer and the replied with their third rejection. They delivered the famous three No’s: a. No Peace with Israel, b. No recognition of Israel, c. No Negotiation with Israel.

FOUR – In 2000, the Americans tried to bring peace by offering again a Two State Solution. Israeli Prime Minister Barak and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat met at Camp David with Bill Clinton. The Arabs would have all of Gaza, 94% of the West Bank, and East Jerusalem for their capital. They negotiated for 2 weeks and the Arabs left saying NO! This was followed by Arab uprisings which resulted in the death of over 1,000 Israelis by suicide bombings. This was the rejection of their fourth offer.

FIVE – The fifth offer came again from Israel by Prime Minister Olmert in 2008. This time they offered the Arabs more land holdings but Mahmoud Abbas rejected the offer.

Each time Palestinians are offered their own State, they reject it and reply with vicious violence.


The Palestinians are not interested in governing their own lands. All they want to do is to be thorn in the flesh to the Israelis. Playing the victim has been successful. They get millions of dollars in aid and live off the backs of the Christian Westerners who keep sending in foreign aid. The UN has created a special refugee agency for only ONE group – Palestinians. It is a bottomless money hole and it is a system that keeps Palestinians, forever, a Victim group.

The UNRWA United Nations Relief and Works Agency

UNRWA services 5.2 Million Palestinian refugees. This refugee agency only serves Palestinians. 2.2 Million live in Jordan with 1.6 Million are now Jordanian citizens. Descendants are counted and enrolled as refugees and they are servicing now the 4th generation. The UNRWA has resettle zero refugees, unlike the UNHCR ( United Nations High Council on Refugees) which services ALL the other refugees of the world. They service 65.6 Million refugees. No descendants are enrolled or treated as refugees by the UNHCR. Once a refugee becomes a citizen, they are no longer a refugee. The UNRWA has 1 staff per 186 refugees. The UNHCR has 1 staff per 5,982. After 70 years it is time for the crisis of the Palestinian refugees to end. The problem is with the Arabs and the UN creating a endless game of Palestinians as victims.

It is an illusion that peace will be achieved if the Palestinians become a State. We need to stop chasing the illusion.

Palestinian Myth

Besides, the whole notion of Palestine is a Myth in the first place.

Palestine was the brain child of the British born to create the Illusion that the Arabs have a historic claim to be in the Promise Land.

Everyone knows that some 3,000 years ago King David was king of Israel in Jerusalem.

The term Palestine is found in Joel 3:4, the Hebrew is Peleseth and is often translated Philistia, meaning the Philistines. The five cities of the Philistines were South along the southern coast: Ashkelon, Gaza, Ashdod, Gath and Ekron. All are located in what we would call the Gaza Strip today. The Biblical Philistines were not descendants of Ishmael and therefore are not Arabs. The British hope you never think through the term Palestinian and who it really relates to, the Philistines.

Roman Emperor Hadrian, in about 125 AD, is recorded as naming the region Palestine but the effort was short lived. It was common for conquering nations to integrate and mix people from other conquered nations to cut conquered people from their roots. The practice is called miscegenation. This Roman history was the inspiration for the British to create the illusion that the Arabs there had an indigenous claim to the land too.


In the late 1800s, Jews started to return to the Holy Land because of persecution in Eastern Europe and Russia. They were looking for a place of refuge. What better place than their ancient homeland in the Middle East? This movement was called Zionism. The Arabs from neighboring countries, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, began to notice the return of the Jews to the region and they countered this by mass migration of Arabs into Palestine. In 1882, there were less than a quarter million Arabs in the area, by 1948, it had grown to nearly one and a half million. This is a six fold increase in a period of 66 years. I wonder if the three sixes means anything.

Historically Palestine has never been a nation. It was invented by the League of Nations and the British government to give the Arabs some claim to the land. You may be surprised to learn that the most famous Palestinian, Yasser Arafat, was not even born in Palestine, he was born in Egypt.

The whole idea of a Two State Solution to the problems in the Middle East has utterly failed. The only solution that will be accepted by the Arabs is the total destruction of Israel. The destruction of Israel is enshrined in the governing documents of many Muslim nations and organizations.

It has been said many times, if Israel would lay down its arms and stop fighting, Israel would cease to exist. If the Arabs (Palestinians) would lay down their arms and stop fighting, there would be peace in the Middle East. Only the blind cannot see the truth of this.

There is an saying that goes like this; “The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing, and to expect different results.” This is exactly what the international community has been doing in the Middle East for 82 years. It is time to try something different!

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