The ACLU and Supreme Court have made it very clear that the Christian religion cannot be present in any way in the public school system. On the other hand, it seems that any other religion is acceptable. Other religions, such as atheism, Buddhism, and Islam are being taught in our public schools. For the most part they do it under the guise of teaching “world religion.”

When they teach about Christianity they teach on the persecution of Christians by Christians without any historical context. They teach that the Crusades were a great sin of Christianity. In fact, the Crusades were, for the most part, Christians taking back land that had been taken by the sword of Islam.

When they teach about Islam they conveniently leave out the violent history of Islam. They don’t mention that Islam was rejected by most of those to whom Muhammad preached until he started using the sword to win converts. His message was convert to Islam or die. Later, when Islam controlled whole nations, Muhammad came up with another choice. This choice is called dimmitude, and it is paying a protection tax, a tax to protect against Islam, which could take 50% of what you owned and 50% of what you earned. They don’t mention that Islam has been responsible for more deaths in the name of their religion than all of the despots like Hitler, Stalin, etc. combined.

As can be expected, Muslims are ready to use schools and textbooks to proselytize for Islam. It is sad, but they have found a welcoming environment in American public schools. The commitment to multiculturalism in our schools and the imperative to be “tolerant” prevents teachers from evaluating non-Western cultures critically. Many public schools and individual teachers have proven to be willing to go along with the organized campaign by U.S.-based Islamic organizations. They are willing to present the whitewashed version of Islam that is promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabia.

Here is a school assignment that has been given in some public schools:


It is interesting that the calligraphic verse chosen is the shahada, the Islamic statement of faith. According to Islam, simply quoting this in front of the proper witnesses makes one a Muslim. It translates into English as “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger (or prophet).”

No matter how fancy the script, would school children be permitted to write something like “There is no God but Jehovah, and Jesus is His Son” without a great outcry from the ACLU and other leftist groups? Of course not. The outcries would be upheld by Supreme Court decisions. Either teach the truth about all religions, or teach about no religion.


The coddling of Islam in our public schools is not a new thing. In March of 2017 it was reported that a high school in Texas that was using its facilities for a Muslim prayer room during school hours. The article says that it had been doing this for seven years. The problem is, it is being done during school hours and they are allowing Muslim students to skip their classes to go pray. When I first heard about this I understood they were doing this for the Friday prayers. I have since learned that they are doing it daily for all of their prayers. The Governor of the State has written to the school and told them that they can’t favor one religion. If you are taking prayer out of the school for Christianity, you must also take it out for Islam.

This is being done because they fear Islam. They are trying to appease our Muslim neighbors because they know what happens when they don’t. If we don’t do what they desire we are called names like bigots, racists, and Islamophobic. They make it look like we are mean and hateful people.

This is a constitutional issue and we need to take action on it before it is too late.

The US Department of Education is promoting Islamic propaganda in the public schools. The Florida Department of Education is doing the same. It is also being pushed by the PBS’s learning media website. Teachers download this material from the PBS site and use it in their classes.

Our Constitution gives us freedom of religion so we need to be careful about how we handle these issues.

Congress shall make no laws in establishing a religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

If we say they can’t produce this material because it is a false teaching, anti-America, anti-freedom of speech, and so forth, our arguments would be correct. However, since it has a religious connection our government cannot make laws that would stop it because it cannot favor or establish a religion. We came out of a system that had an established state religion. England still has a state church, the Church of England. The Crown is the head of this church. The colonies in America followed the same pattern. In the early days we had division between the colonies on religious grounds. One colony permuted one religion, and another banned it. A Baptist going from Rhode Island to Massachusetts could bring real problems on himself. Quakers often had the same problem. There are many stories of people being severely beaten simply because they were of another Christian faith and because they practiced their religion.

If you study your history you will find that we can thank the Baptists for our freedom of conscience and religion. The whole idea came from the Baptists because freedom of conscience has been a hallmark of Baptists since New Testament times. It was Baptists who insisted that freedom of religion be added to the Constitution in the First Amendment.

If you read the writings of the founders it will become clear that when they talked about religion they were talking about Christian denominations. This is not how it is being interpreted today. In the 1960s, they took a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptist Church because of their concerns about religious freedom. They were concerned that a state religion could be established. He wrote to them that the First Amendment would keep this from happening. The wording he chose was that there would be “a wall of separation between church and state.” If you read the context and the intent of the letter you will see that he was telling them that the state would have no business in the operations of the church.

The lawyers of the 1960s turned the whole idea on its head. If you read the First Amendment you will see that it prohibits the state from interfering with the churches, but it does not prohibit the churches from influencing the government. The laws of our day are based upon this upside down interpretation of the First Amendment.

Anytime something Christian is done in any government organization, including the public schools, the ACLU is there to challenge it. I must point out that the ACLU is a Christian hating organization. Their goal is to remove Christianity from our schools and all areas of public life. On the other hand, you will notice that the ACLU is completely silent when Islam is introduced into our schools.

Our tax dollars are paying for this Islamic propaganda. Some of the things children are asked to do include reading verses in the Qur’an and interpreting them. They are not just educating our children about the history of Islam and its basic teachings. One of the videos the children are asked to watch is a former “Christian” who has converted to Islam. In the video he encourages the children to agree that there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet. This is not only propaganda, it is indoctrination. It is actually trying to convert children to Islam, and we should be outraged.

This is not an isolated thing that is only happening in a few places. It seems to be spreading like wildfire across our education system. Christianity has been expelled from our public schools and Islam is being explored. The Muslim faith is controversial and is in direct opposition to the Christian faith. Although the supporters of Islam, and Islam itself, are trying to convince us that Christianity and Islam have common ground, the truth is the only ground shared by the two is uncommon.

Both Christianity and Islam do promote a standard of morality and good deeds, but the god of Islam is not the same as the living God of the Holy Bible. Even a superficial study of the two religions will make this obvious, but in spite of this our government is promoting the teaching that Jehovah and Allah are the same god.

In 1963, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that it’s unconstitutional for public schools to mandate religious activities. In that case — School District of Abington Township v. Schempp — the activity at issue was reading the Bible. But the ruling goes for all religious activities.

What would you consider mandating that students sit through a video that teaches the following?

  • God gave Muhammad the noble Qur’an

  • The Qur’an is a Perfect guide for Humanity

  • The Qur’an is divine revelation

  • Islam is a shining beacon against the darkness of repression, segregation, intolerance and racism

  • The Beautiful Qur’an is Guidance for the wise & sensible.

  • Ends with the following quote: “May God help us all to find the true faith, Islam.”

  • And has a musical version of an Arabic poem playing in the background that, speaking of Christians and Jews as infidels, says; . . . “their white shining swords red with the blood of infidels . . . until they looked like meat on the butcher’s block.”

I say it is a religious activity, and it happened at Chatham Middle School in New Jersey. If it were not for two moms, Nancy Gayer and Libby Hilsenrath, the Islamic propaganda videos would still be rolling inside the school. There was a link to the video the children were forced to watch on Vimeo, but it has been taken down, like many other of the links on this subject. It seems that the pressure on internet services is to keep the truth about what is happening from the public.

      1. Pro-Islam Indoctrination in Public Schools

The following list is from the Clarion Project:


As part of the school’s “World History” curriculum, high school students in Maryland were taught extensively about Islam — without any context of current events — and required to list the benefits of the religion.

In one homework assignment obtained by a news outlet, the question was asked: “How did Muslim conquerors treat those they conquered?” The correct answer was, “With tolerance, kindness and respect.”

One parent, John Kevin Wood, who objected to the mandatory class said, “I don’t force my religious views on them, so don’t force your religious views on me.”

His wife, Melissa, noted, “We cannot discuss our Ten Commandments in school but they can discuss Islam’s Five Pillars?”

The couple asked that their daughter be excused from this part of the curriculum and given an alternative assignment, a request which was refused. The father was told that the assignment must be done or his daughter would receive a zero. Students are allowed to opt out of other modules in the high school, for example, sex education.

New Jersey

Two mothers who spoke up about the courses on Islam that they charge amounted to indoctrination about Islam were smeared with the label of “Islamophobes” after bringing up the issue at a school board meeting.

The mothers objected that their children were required to learn intricacies of Islam but no similar courses were being taught about Christianity or Judaism.

One of the mother’s also noted that her son her was previously censored for proselytizing when he was in fourth grade for a presentation he made about giving to the poor which cited a line from the Bible.

An op-ed written against them for a local newspaper generated a considerable amount of hate mail on social media sites and even animosity at the grocery store.


Charges that teaching materials about the Middles East are biased and funded by Saudi, Palestinian, and other Arab states were levied against Newton high schools.

One of the books the schools recommend as reading material included extremist writings by Muslim Brotherhood leaders Sayyid Qutb and Yusuf Qaradawi, who is known for his sermons calling for the murder of Jews and homosexuals.

Newton schools officials have continuously refused to make school curricula and teaching materials available to residents.

Public pressure previously forced the high schools to discontinue using the Saudi-funded Arab World Studies Notebook, which makes spurious charges against Israel. The book has been rejected by a number of other school districts as well.

School officials claimed the book helped to develop the students’ “critical thinking skills.”

A number of anti-Semitic incidents were reported in Newton high schools during use of the book. School officials, in violation of mandatory reporting procedures, failed to inform parents and police of the escalating incidents.


Concern about a course in Islam, which parents charged amounted to religious indoctrination, reached all the way to the Tennessee state legislature where a bill was passed allowing local school boards to decide how they want to teach about religion.

Parents were concerned about a course teaching about the Five Pillars of Islam that they charge was giving false information to children. As a result, in many locations in Tennessee, the curriculum was streamlined and in some cases, the course was cut out entirely.


In 2015, parents and students protested after a teacher asked students to copy the shahada, the Islamic declaration of faith, as an example of Arabic calligraphy.

The shahada states: “There is no God but Allah, and Mohammad is his messenger.”

Some students refused to complete the assignment and a number of parents protested to the school, calling the assignment “indoctrination.”

As a result, the school district announced that “a different, non-religious sample of Arabic calligraphy will be used in the future.”

New York

A lesson plan developed in New York State and promoted by the New York State Education Department called “Dying to be a Martyr,” featured video interviews with Islamic terrorists who explain why their attacks on Israelis were justified. The lesson plan contains no instructions for teachers to denounce the views. In addition, the plan does not contain an Israeli response.

The plan was offered to teachers for a decade through the taxpayer-funded Public Broadcasting Service’s “Learning Media” website.

After a request was made for a comment by state officials, NYSED’s website was changed and the lesson plan was dropped. However, the plan continued to be listed on another NYSED website as well the promotion of a video titled “Story of Islam: A History of the World’s Most Misunderstood Faith.”

There is a Christian organization, the Christian Action Network, or CAN, that is standing up and saying, if you are going to kick Christianity out of the schools, then all religions must be removed. CAN has challenged the government on the constitutionality of the federally funded program supporting Islam.

We support the action of CAN. We also support the idea that if Christians can’t pray in school, then Muslims should not be allowed to do so either.

There is another organization that is fighting the political battles on this issue. It is Act for America. We suggest that you find your local chapter and, if there is not one in your area, contact them to see how to start one.

If you know of things like this happening in your community, let us know. This is probably happening more than we know, and we need to stand up against it. If we do, we can stop it. If we don’t, it will get worse.


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