Menace of the Middle East

Menace of the Middle East

An Iranian/Islamic Evil Thought  Ezekiel 38:5 

It is nearly impossible to escape the awareness of Iran’s longstanding calls for the destruction of both Israel and the United States. Over the past five decades, the global community has witnessed fervent demonstrations in the streets of Tehran, with crowds brandishing clenched fists and enthusiastically chanting, “Death to America! Death to Israel!”   These images, often broadcasted on our television screens, underscore the intensity of Iran’s plans to destroy Israel and its number one ally, America.

We know Iran was once the mighty Persian Empire that was once a great ally and benefactor to Israel.  Cyrus, who founded the Persian Empire became the Shepherd King to Israel who delivered them from the Babylonians.  This act ended their seventy-year exile and sent them home with resources to rebuild Jerusalem and later Persia funded the building of Ezra’s Temple.  The same Temple that Christ would one worship within.  What turned the friendship of Persia (Iran) into becoming an enemy of Israel?  We can sum that up in one word, Islam.  If we hope to understand the conflict in the Middle East, we must understand how Islam is the root of it.

The Source of the Conflict

We can go to our Bibles and see the source of the conflict and the hatred that Muslims have toward the Jews.  We begin with Ishmael, who was the product of Abraham’s weak faith and disobedience to God.  Ishmael is described to us this way, And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.  Genesis 16:12

What is most obvious about this description is that violence surrounds him on every front.  But the next phrase is often lost in translation.  “…he dwells in the presence of all his brethren.”  It is repeated in Ishmael’s death in Genesis 25:18 “ he died in the presence of all his brethren.”  This is significant.

His half-brother, Isaac, the patriarch of the Jews was his brethren.  The Hebrew word for ‘presence’ is PANIYM, meaning, ‘in the face’ which is an expression of being an antagonist.  For example, when someone becomes violent, we say, ‘back off, you’re in my face.’  Although, Islam did not start with Ishmael, it did come by a descendent of Ishmael some 600 years after Christ.  We see the same traits of Ishmael are also deeply engraved in the religion of Islam.

What perhaps cemented the hatred between the Arabs for the Jews was Hagar and Ishmael being banished from the home of Abraham and Sarah.  Being cast out to the wilderness to perish, they would have died had it not been for God’s intervention to save them. Anger and resentment surely filled the heart of the first born of Abraham, as Ishmael saw the blessing go to the younger son, Isaac.  No doubt he felt that he and his seed were cut out of the Holy Land and the Jews were stealing his inheritance.   

The Arabs needed a rewriting of scripture to favor Ishmael as the beloved son to win back the land and the covenant of God upon the Ishmaelites.  Therefore, the Qur’an shines upon Ishmael to be honored.  Ishmael becomes the son whom Abraham loved and took to be sacrificed, celebrating Abrahams greatest moment of faith.  The rewriting of scripture gives the Holy Land to the Arabs and makes the Jews the villains.  This is why Israel is called the foreign occupiers.  It is to be called Palestine, not Israel.  Al Quds, not Jerusalem.  From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free is the chant echoed around the world by those who have been duped into a clever hoax.  The Jews become the villains and the Palestinians the victims.

The Arabs are given more reasons to hate the Jews in the Qur’an for their rejection of the prophet Muhammad.   The Qur’an justifies the killing of Jews or their banishment from their homes.  Perhaps the greatest reason to hate Jews is that one of them murdered their prophet.  Her name was Rahanna the Jewess who poisoned him.  Perhaps, she was justified for this, as Muhammad beheaded her husband along with 600-900 other Jewish men and boys of the Banu Quarayza at the ditch of Medina.[i]

Iran, the menace of the Middle East

Joel Rosenberg, a Middle Eastern Journalist who is also a Jewish Evangelical Christian, secured a meeting with the Egyptian president al-Sisi in 2017 in Cairo.  The subject turned to Iran and President Sisi called them “a great menace” saying Iran has built its military on religious dogma.  The threat is not their weapons but their strong religious beliefs.  He added, “Iranian leaders have a death wish.[ii]

Other leaders in the region like King Abdullah II of Jordan and the Crowned Prince Muhammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia have grave concerns about Iran’s religious extremism.  They also fear that Iran will force the region into a nuclear arms race.   When asked about Iran getting a nuclear weapon, the Crowned Prince of Saudi Arabia said to Fox News, “If they get one, we have to get one….for security reasons, and for balancing power in the Middle East, but we don’t want to see that.”[iii]

What brought about the October 7th Attack?

Iran is deeply concerned about the Saudi’s making peace and normalizing relations with Israel.  So far, four Arab nations have joined the Arab Accords and have been enjoying the economic windfall.  Others have noticed and there are rumors that other nations in the region are strongly considering joining the Abraham Accords.[iv]

Saudi Arabia is very interested in joining the treaty.[v] I believe that Egypt and Jordan would follow the Saudi’s into the agreements which could create a domino effect and pull others into peace with Israel.  This would be ‘game over’ for Iran’s hopes to have the Arabs join them in a war with Israel which is critical to their plans. Iran has bigger plans to take on the USA, so they need the involvement of the Arabs.  To prepare for a war with America, they have strategically forged military and trade treaties with Russia and China.[vi]

At present, Iran is fighting Israel through their proxies.  Since Hamas are Sunni Muslims, the Shi’a Mullahs of Iran will hardly lose any sleep to see them slaughtered by Israel first to see Israel expend its resources of weapons and troops.  Hamas is the JV team and the Varsity team is positioned on the Northern border of Israel in Lebanon.  Hezbollah are Shi’a Muslims who are one spiritually with Iran. Their army is much larger than Lebanon’s army and better equipped and skilled for war.  We have seen some minor skirmishes with Israel, but they are halted at the border awaiting orders to advance. 

I have a theory why Hezbollah has not launched their attack yet.  I believe they were counting on the Arabs to join the fight.  They needed Hamas to provoke Israel and bait them into a ground invasion into Gaza.  Taking hostages and the many heinous acts carried out on October 7th by Hamas did just that.  The ground invasion by Israel into Gaza would trigger so much outrage that the Arabs would attack Israel and Hezbollah would sweep in from the North.  However, the Arabs remained neutral except for the expected verbal condemnations and saber rattling. I suspect this was a big surprise and disappointment to the Ayatollah and the Mullahs of Iran.

Israel must tread carefully with their advance into the Gaza.  One misstep could change the hearts of the Arabs and force their hand to get involved.  The latest offensive on Rafah caused the Egyptians to threaten suspension of its peace treaty with Israel, if Israeli troops are sent into Rafah.[vii]  Iran is hoping, Israel will cross a line that will pull the Arabs into war.  We should also be prepared for Iran to do something very heinous themselves to create the illusion that Israel did it, to trigger the Arabs into joining the war.

Egypt will not take Palestinian Refugees

Hamas came out of the Muslim Brotherhood which was founded in Egypt.[viii]  President al Sisi is making sure that the reign of terror by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is over. In 2013 they fired 55,000 radical clerics and ousted the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Mursi from the presidency.[ix] 

Hamas came to power over the Palestinians in 2005 in Gaza.  Their religious fundamentalism has bled into the community and recent polls show that Palestinian civilians, are largely supportive of Hamas and what it did on October 7th.[x]  

The point is, the Palestinians are like the fundamentalist that Egypt has been trying to purge out of the nation.  Other Arab leaders will not take them for the same reason.  No one wants to deal with them and therefore, Israel is left to manage the problem.


Iran’s Apocalyptic Dreams

The Shi’ite pulpits are far more interested in coming prophesy than the Sunnis.  The major difference on their doctrines are the Sunni’s believe that the Mahdi, the Muslim Messiah, will appear and he will initiate the War to destroy all the Jews.  The Shi’a believe that it is the war with Israel that will initiate the return of the Mahdi.  So, the Shi’a are busy trying to create that war to initiate the coming of the Mahdi.  One of the former presidents of Iran, Muhammad Ahmadinejad, often said it was his calling to start the war that would usher the arrival of the Mahdi.[xi]

The Shi’ites focus to create the war to destroy Israel in order to usher in the arrival of the Mahdi.  The Sunni faith is focused on taking back the birthright that the Jews have stolen.  The single root behind all the hate in the Middle East toward Israel is simply Islam.  It is Islam that will gather the nations together of Ezekiel 38 and is also the source that will gather the armies of Gog/Magog together. 

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