Big Shake Up in the Palestinian Authority

Big Shake Up in the Palestinian Authority

Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh has resigned under pressure from the US and the Saudi government.  Concerns are over who will be able to govern Gaza after the war is over with Israel.  This is the question on the minds of many is, what will happen in Gaza after the war?  Will Israel retain a presence there like they do in the West Bank?  Will it return into radical hands like HAMAS or HAMAS 2.0?  Will FATAH come back to run it?

Note the influence of the Saudi’s

The New York Times article gives credit to the pressure from the US, I can assure you, Biden has little influence on the Palestinians.  The real pressure is coming from the Crowned Prince Muhammad bin Salman (MBS).  This is very significant that he can effect a change in the Palestinian Authority.  This demonstrates what I have been saying for a while that the Saudi’s have great influence among the Arabs.

This is new ground for the Saudi’s, to stick their oar into the affairs of Palestine like this.  Normally, they keep to themselves in these affairs but MBS is charting a new course and showing his presence as a leader for the Arab people. 

Why would Arabs listen to him?  He not only is showing his skill as a prosperous leader, the Saudi’s control Islam’s most holy sites, Mecca, and Medina.  The Muslim world sees MBS prosperity and leadership each year when they perform their duty to attend Hajj in Mecca each year.  The man who controls Mecca has the power to control Islam.  It is a voice they cannot ignore.

What’s next for the Palestinian Authority

If MBS can get the Prime Minister to resign, the days are numbered for Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of FATAH.  Either he will become the puppet for MBS or he will have to go.  At the age of 88 years old, it is likely he will step down and enjoy the wealth that he has stolen from UN aide to the Palestinians.  A whistle blower exposed the theft and estimates are that Abbas’s wealth reaches as high as $100 Million.

It is likely that someone else within FATAH will rise to the leadership with the blessing of MBS and that person will lead the future of the West Bank and Gaza.

What’s Next for Gaza?

As just mentioned, they will likely fall back into the hands of FATAH.  In 2005-2006, HAMAS killed all the politicians of FATAH when they were elected by the Gazan’s.  Israel has changed its policy regarding HAMAS after the October 7th Attack.  For years, their policy was “Containment”, keep the terrorist behind the wire.  Decades of terrorism have shown that that policy has not worked. Their new policy is “Eradication”.   Israel will not stop until HAMAS is completely annihilated.  I believe it is safe to say, this will be the end of the road for HAMAS.

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