Keep your Eye on Muhammad Bin Salman

Keep your Eye on Muhammad Bin Salman

Can there be someone in the world who might bring us hope of finding peace in the Middle East?  Is there a man who might influence the Muslims and the Arabs to lay down their differences and divisions and make peace with Israel?

Would that man be a Westerner with Christian influence?  Probably not!

Would the Arabs and Muslims follow the Pope to bring us peace in the Middle East.  Highly doubtful!

Would the Arabs and Muslims follow a Jew to bring peace to the Middle East.  Definitely not! 

Or would they follow a fellow Muslim who is an Arab of significant influence?  Probably yes!

I suggest we need to keep an eye on the Crowned Prince of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad bin Salman (MBS) who has arrived on the international stage of world leaders with spectacular form. 


The Reformer

If one was searching for a single word to describe MBS, many would quickly choose the word reformer to label him.  He is bringing reform to their nation and moving it from a medieval government to a modern, prosperous government.  His reforms are affecting new laws that are more in step with the rest of the world.  Although, they have a long way to go, more rights are being enjoyed by women and more freedoms are enjoyed.  He is also bringing reforms to their religion to make it less radical and more peaceful and tolerant.   Recently they removed 3,500 clerics that were viewed as extremist and replaced them with more moderate, reformed clerics.  He has met with a US Evangelical delegation to discuss bringing Christianity to Saudi Arabia and make them more like Turkey and Egypt which are open to church planting. 

To show how deep they are reforming Saudi Arabia, they recently detained a woman for displaying a Palestinian Flag in Mecca, calling for the end of the Israeli genocide of Gaza.  Instead of being supportive of the radicals and support for Hamas and the Palestinians, they take away her flag and detain her group for questioning.  Yet, ironically, here in the West, our media praises Hamas supporters who display their hate for Israel and antisemitism on our campuses and public streets.


The Charmer

Some men lead wielding their strength with force and threats.  They bully and manipulate to bring about their agenda.  While others use their wisdom and their charm to win hearts to their vision and goals.  The latter describes MBS.  His 2030 vision is simply spectacular and work has already begun on his $55 Billion Line City, Neom.   His goal is to woo the world to come work and play in his desert.

He is young, charming, and successful.  His half hour interview with Bret Baier last October revealed how appealing and engaging he is.  He slipped smoothly through hard questions that Baier put to him like a hot knife to butter.   Most Politian’s would have given non-answers or danced the old two step to escape giving answers.  Instead, he leaned into them and gave answers that left you liking him. 


The Power of the Arabian Prince

The New York Times article gives credit to the pressure from the US, I can assure you, Biden has little influence on the Palestinians.  The real pressure is coming from the Crowned Prince Muhammad bin Salman.  This demonstrates what I have been saying for a while that MBS has great influence among the Arabs.

Why would Arabs listen to him?  He controls Islam’s most holy sites, Mecca and Medina.  The Muslim world sees MBS prosperity and leadership when they attend Hajj in Mecca each year.  The man who controls Mecca has the power to control Islam.  It is a voice they cannot ignore.


Is Peace on the Horizon?

MBS has been saying, that the major obstacle in the way of the Saudi’s signing Trumps Abraham Accords is the Palestinian issue.   Israel will have to make some concessions, of which, that is not public.  It is obvious that Israel cannot influence the Palestinian Authority, but the Saudi’s can and have done so in bringing about the resignation of Prime Minister Shtayyeh.  If the Palestinian issue can be fixed to the liking of the Saudi’s, look for MBS to sign the Abraham Accords and then watch Egypt, Jordan, Oman and many others follow his lead. 

What am I saying?  I am saying, keep your eye on MBS as the man who will be offering peace with Israel.  Also watch to see Iran do it’s best to scuttle the plans of MBS.  The window is closing for Iran’s efforts to bring about the war to destroy Israel.  The window is closing because Biden’s presidency is about to come to an end.  A weak president allows the bullies of the world to gain territory like Putin is doing with Ukraine. 

The window is also closing because the Arabs are wanting peace with Israel.  Iran was banking on theory that if Israel goes into Gaza, the Arabs will attack.  Getting Hamas to take hostages and the heinous crimes of slaughtering civilians on October 7th would force Israel to invade Gaza.  However, the Arabs did not jump in.   Yes, they verbally condemned Israel and rattled their sabers but kept their armies at home.  Golda Meir’s dream might come true.  She famously said, we will have peace when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us.


Will it be a lasting Peace?

No!  There will not be a lasting in peace with Israel as long as Islam exist.  No matter how much you reform it, there can never be a lasting peace with Israel due to the Prophet Muhammad.  Any peace with Israel will be short lived because too many are invested in Islam and the moderates will not be able to appease the fundamentalist.

However, there will be someone who will bring a lasting peace, the Biblical Messiah.  The Apostle John revealed to us in Revelation nineteen that when Jesus returns, we the Saints will come with him on white horses.  The war of Armageddon will be unfolding, as the armies of the world rise to destroy Israel only to be soundly defeated.  Then the Mahdi and the Muslim Isa (the Beast and Second Beast of Revelation 13) will be destroyed as the real Messiah will reign and usher in a 1,000 years of peace on Earth.



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