The Story of Donald’s Bible

The Story of Donald’s Bible

The second part to the “Revival on Isle of Lewis.”

In 1949, a profound Holy Spirit Awakening Revival fell on Lewis Island, establishing an extraordinary connection with contemporary America.

Originating from the Hebrides Islands and spreading across Scotland, the Lewis Awakening was initially intended as a 10-day event but unfolded miraculously over three years. During this extended period, thousands of sinners underwent repentance, finding reconciliation and salvation.

While much attention is often directed towards the preacher, Duncan Campbell, credit must be given to two elderly ladies – Peggy Smith and her sister Christine. Despite being in their 80s and grappling with afflictions like blindness (Peggy) and rheumatism (Christine), the sisters were housebound, yet their hearts burned with a deep yearning for revival within their community.

Peggy and Christine committed themselves to a sacred routine, kneeling in prayer in their parlor from 10 pm to 4 am every Tuesday and Friday, seeking God’s intervention for revival. Their pastor, Rev. James Murray MacKay, paid them weekly visits, during which they passionately shared their burden for revival.  Peggy was a salty Saint with the courage of Daniel and the fire of John the Baptist. 

Addressing her pastor on the subject, Peggy said,

“I am sure, Mr. McKay that you are longing to see God working. What about calling your office bearers together and suggest to them that you spend two nights a week waiting upon God. You have tried missions. You have tried special evangelists. Mr. McKay, have you considered trying God?”

Pastor MacKay assured Peggy he would get the office bearers of the Church together and pray in the barn at the same times, Tuesday and Fridays from 10pm to 4pm to wait on God for revival.  This they did for a number of weeks, until one of the young men, named Donald stood to his feet in the midst of the prayer meeting and said in Gaelic “This is humbug!  This is humbug for us to be praying and waiting as we are waiting if we are not rightly related to God.”

Then he began to quote from the Psalm chapter 24, “Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD? or who shall stand in his holy place? He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully, He shall receive the blessing from the LORD.”

Then he raised his hands toward heaven and said, “God, are my hands clean?  Is my heart pure?  Then he fell to his knees and the Minister said (figuratively) “That’s when God Shook the Island of Lewis, I say he Shook the Island of Lewis.”

When Duncan arrived to the Isle he was met at the dock and asked if he minded to come by the church first as some had assembled to pray.  It was late, after 9pm yet the church was crowed and they decided to have a service.  It is best we follow the transcript of Duncan’s testimony about the events.

I preached in the church to a congregation of about 300 and I would say it was a good meeting, a wonderful sense of God, something that I hadn’t known since the 1921 movement in the Ilses. But nothing really happened. And I pronounced the benediction. And I am walking down the aisle when this young man (Donald) came to me and said, “Nothing has broken out tonight, but God is hovering over us. He is hovering over us.” And he said this. “And he will break through any moment.”

Well I must be perfectly honest. I didn’t feel anything. But, you see, here was a man much nearer to God than I was. Oh he knew the secret.

We are moving down the aisle and the congregation is moving out. They are all out now except this man and myself.  He lifted his two hands and started to pray. “God, you made a promise to pour water on the thirsty and floods upon the dry ground and you are not doing it.” And he prayed, and prayed and prayed again until he fell again on to the floor in a trance. He is lying there. I am standing beside him for about five minutes and then the door of the church opened and the session clerk came in. “Mr. Campbell, something wonderful has happened. Revival has broken out. Will you come to the door and see the crowd that is here.”

It was 11pm, over 600 people from the village are that door filled with horror over their sin and they held another service that goes till 4am and the penitent and contrite call out to God for salvation……  Psa 34:18 The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.  This Awakening Revival lasted for 3 years and sweept from parish to parish, Island to Island and then into the mainland of Scotland.

Another example of Peggy’s Faith and Boldness –

That dear old lady came to me one day and she said, “I feel led to ask you to go to this particular part of this parish. There are mighty sinners there that need salvation.”

“Well,” I said to her, “You know, I have no leadings to go there. They will be opposing me and I don’t suppose I could get any place to hold a meeting in.”

And she looked at me and said this. “Mr. Campbell, if you were living as near to God as you ought to be he would reveal his secrets to you also.”

And I took that as a rebuke and I went back to the manse and I said to the minister, “I think we ought to spend the morning with Peggy and wait upon God with her in the room.” So she agreed and she and her sister knelt with us in the little room. And that dear woman began to pray and I can give you her prayer. “Lord, you remember the conversation we had this morning at two o’clock and you told me you were going to visit this part of the parish with revival. And I have just spoken to Mr. Campbell about it, but he is not prepared to think of it. You better give him wisdom because the man badly needs it.”

Well, that was what the dear woman said. And when we rose from our knees I said to her, “Well, Peggy, now where do you wish me to go and where is the meeting to be held?”

 “Oh, you go and God will provide the congregation and the meeting place.”

“Well, Peggy, I will go.”   “Well, you better,” she said. “You better.”

And I went on the following evening and there must have been a congregation of anything between 300 and 400 gathered round this bungalow……

My what a moving of God and I pray often that God would do it again!

Let’s now go to the connection that this revival has with Modern America…..


Mary Anne Smith MacLeod, a relative of Donald Smith and Peggy Smith, hailed from Lewis Island but relocated to the United States alongside her sister in 1934. Shortly after her arrival, she found love with Fred, a real estate developer based in New York City. The couple married in 1936 at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan, producing five children: Mary, Frederick Jr., Elizabeth, Donald, and Robert.

Interestingly, Mary Anne chose to name her fourth child after her cousin Donald Smith. The Smith family from Lewis sent her Donald’s Bible as a keepsake, commemorating her son’s namesake. That fourth child went on to become known as Donald Trump, the forty-fifth President of the United States. During his term, the Bible was placed on the table behind the President’s seat in the Oval Office.

We should be cautioned not to make too much of this, else we fall into worshiping a book or a person.  What is spectacular about the Bible is the God of that Bible.  But I remind you, your Bible comes from the same great God. 


Donald Trump and his BibleThere is a closing chapter to this story that is as amazing as Donald’s Bible.  When this connection was made between Donald Smith and Donald Trump, Dr. Clarence Sexton spoke of it in one of his sermons and the story spread on the internet.   This message fell on the ears of Robert Trump who was sick and dying.  He requested for Dr. Sexton to meet with him and through the course of that meeting, Robert Trump repented of his sins and trusted Jesus as his savior.  Shortly after, he passed away and his wife, Marry Anne invited Dr. Sexton to preach Robert’s funeral.   Dr. Sexton said he was given liberty to preach the gospel to the President and all the Trump family.  Before Robert died, he said to Sexton, “Pastor, I want you to know, I am praying with you for the revival I believe we must have in America…. my faith is in Christ.” 

We too should be praying for National revival.  An Awakening like what happened on Lewis Island to sweep through our communities.  I believe there is still hope for America.  It’s time to pray!!!

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