Pope Francis Hopes Hell is Empty

Pope Francis Hopes Hell is Empty

Last January, Pope Francis said in a TV interview that he hopes Hell is Empty.

Perhaps he did not read his Bible:

Matt 7:13…. broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and MANY there be which go in thereat.

Notice the destination is destruction meaning Hell.  A place of torments and eternal suffering. 

Notice the quantity – MANY as opposed to the FEW in the next verse who enter into life through the narrow gate.

The sobering fact is that MANY are heading to Hell.  It should alarm us Christians and break our hearts that most of humanity will be suffering God’s wrath for not humbly accepting God’s gift of salvation from such a diabolical place.

Never water down or candy coat the HORROS of HELL!  Never allow your heart to become callous and uncaring to the multitudes who are heading there.  Don’t fill your mind with imaginations like the Pope has done to think that Hell will be Empty.

Christian, remember, you were heading there until someone opened the Bible and explained the Horrors that were awaiting you for your sin, then they explained the mercy of God that He had a rescue plan for you.

God saved you to serve, not to sit.  If you are a Christian and do not know how to share the Gospel with someone, you should be ashamed. 

Learn and get in the fight.  Speak Up!  Warn the lost, then show them how God paid their sin debt on the Cross to provide them the merciful gift of Salvation.

If we remain silent, Heaven will feel Empty in comparison to Hell being Filled with humanity.

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