45 Goals of the Communist Party

45 Goals of the Communist Party

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I want to share with you the 45 goals that the Communist Party, the American Communist Party, had designed to bring America to its end. We need to be reacquainted with them, because they started this process back in the sixties, and it really is alive in our country. We need to be more and more aware of it so that we can oppose it. We can oppose it; we can take a stand.

45 goals that the Communist party comes out of the famous book, The Naked Communist, written by Kalon Sko, who was one of the FBI agents assigned to acknowledging or producing to America. The information that the FBI were getting about the goals of the Communist Party to destroy America from within S Gozen wrote his book, The Naked Communist Meaning. Naked meaning “we’re going to expose them”, “bear everything that we know so you in America are aware of the enemy’s effort to destroy us”.

Some of the goals of the 45 dealt with the nuclear race that was going on. Some of them were date sensitive that was going on in the fifties and sixties. Of these 45 goals, many of them were ideologies that would take years to unfold, and they are in force today. We are going to cover a few of them here.

We came off the mission field to warn America that I believe God is judging our country for our national sins. And Islam is one of those instruments of that judgment. The doctrines of the founder of the Muslims is an ideology that is poisonous to our way of life, to our freedoms, to our religion, to our faith. As Christians, a man claiming to be a prophet, wasn’t one, but we need to protect ourselves from this ideology.

There is another doctrine and that is this doctrine of Marxism coming from Karl Marx, which born us communism and socialism. Karl Marx believed that the step from capitalism to communism was too great. So, you had to have a middle step to come away from capitalism into communism. That middle step is socialism. Socialism is what a certain party is telling us we need in our country, what our kids are being taught.


Number 13: Do away with all Loyalty Oaths.

I want to start at number 13 of the list of these 45 goals. The 1st 12 goals deals with the nuclear race and how they will destroy America from without and win the nuclear race and to take down, the opposition’s. The 13th goal was to do away with all loyalty oaths. They want to take away our foundations of what we pledge our allegiance to.

They felt that if they were going to destroy the country from within they had to destroy the loyalty mindset. Like for example, the oath of our allegiance to the flag to, to stand in honor to our country, to our nation, to the flag that represents our nation. They needed to begin to take away that loyalty from our country. In other words, take away the reason why we should be proud of our nation.

Now since over 60 years, this poisonous mentality, this Kool aid has been sipped on from certain groups and it was began to be taught to our kids, and I’m here to tell you, they’ve been drinking this Kool aid for a long time and they’re not only in our high schools or in our colleges, they’re now young adults and they’re moving into government and they hate our country.

Name me one Democrat that stands for making America great. The Democratic Party has been taken over. The whole party on the left has been poisoned and are spreading that poisonous mindset. Spreading things like: “You should be ashamed to think that America is a great country.” “You should be ashamed of the history of America!”

That is what they have been teaching our young people and we’re heading deeper and deeper and deeper into it. All these goals are being achieved. Number 13 has been achieved with taking away our loyalty oath to our nation.  


Number 15: Capture one or both of the political parties.

As I said earlier, one party has already been successfully captured. We should have no fear of admitting that. Say, well, this is a Christian broadcast. You shouldn’t be involved in politics. Oh? Our politicians give us our laws and our laws are certainly no longer moral, and it does affect us as Christians when they make laws prohibiting the freedom of my religion.

I mean, whoever said that Christians shouldn’t be involved in politics didn’t come from a biblical point of view because the Bible is filled with political views and moral views. These are moral issues. It’s not really the issue of the government, it’s the issue of God’s people and the preachers. They, they should have a very sound voice in this arena and they don’t like it.

Our government has so far granted us these laws. That’s what the first amendment does. It grants me laws to say that the government has no right to tell me how I practice my faith. It says that government cannot establish a state faith, which we came out of that system from England. Praise God.

Number 15, goals is to capture one or both of the political parties. I think we can safely say, as I said just earlier, name me one, name me, one democrat that stands for making America great. You can’t find one.


Number 17: Get control of the schools, use them as transmission belts for socialism and current communist propaganda.

They are going to infiltrate into the schools. They are going to start teaching the younger generations who really have no discernment and start establishing their communist morality in their minds. When the children get older, they will believe, teach, and propagate these same values.

Has this been successful? Absolutely. Should it alarm us? Absolutely.

Folks, we made a huge mistake. I hate to admit this. I’m a product of Christian education. We made a huge mistake when we started dividing and pulling our Christian students out of public schools and Christian teachers largely out of Christian schools. Back in the sixties when they took out prayer and all that type of stuff, from the schools and said, “you can’t be doing these things” and they changed things. The liberals were successful in changing how we viewed public education and said separation of church and state. They misinterpreted a letter written by one of our founders and enlarged it beyond what it was ever intended to be and misinterpreted it completely and took prayer out of school.

When they did that, all the preachers and churches said, fine, we’re going to take our ball and go play somewhere else, and we took the light out of the public education system for the largest point part. Still thankfully, there were some Christian church teachers who tried to stay in there. My son, you know, thought, you know, he knew my views on this that we need Godly teachers in our public schools again. He tried. After graduating from college, he went into the public school system and tackled it for about three years, and, and said, “Dad, you know, this is a battleground that we just cannot work in.” His life was threatened. He didn’t know it. The school kept that from him. Students were trying to kill him, even though my son wasn’t a radical, but he was simply not going to bend to the world’s views and wokeism, etc.

The point is, it is hard without making compromises there.

Concerning goal 17, I think they have successfully gotten that one.


Number 19: Use student riots to formant public protest against programs.

So not only are they going to start peddling their Kool aid and poison in the public schools, they are going to use the ignorance of these kids. They are going to inflame them, get them outraged and encourage them to be outraged. Get them to go to the streets and make public port protest against programs that the communist part stands against. Right now, that’s exactly what the youth have been doing, yelling “from the river to the sea”.

What they are actually doing is they are supporting the terrorist, Islamic terrorism, when we as a nation were attacked by them on 9, 11, 2001. These kids protesting were not around then, and out of their ignorance and stupidity these kids have become convenient fools to use in the communist party’s campaign.

We had on Easter Sunday in the Washington Cathedral, some of these youths screaming from the river to the sea, interrupting a worship, a Christian worship service, and to proclaim their riots and their protest that is nothing other than antisemitism.

“River to the sea” is an antisemitism belief to eradicate the Jews from the face of the earth, and to take away their homeland from them. That is what our youth are supporting because they cannot put two and two together and they have been poisoned by this ideology.

Well, folks, we got to stand against it. We need to pray for our nation. We need to uphold the standards of God. This is judgment from God for our sin, we deserve it. But we can repent, and we can return to God and God can deliver us.


Number 20: Infiltrate the press.

Well, have they succeeded in that? Absolutely. Just about every major media organization in print, on television, on radio, you name it, has been infiltrated by these ideologies that we’re going through.

Well, man, you know, we don’t stand for the flag many schools today. They have the pledges, pledge of allegiance. Although legally it is still happening, but no one does. It’s just repeated over the sound system there and many of the people in the classes don’t give any attention to it. A complete disrespect has been born into our schools and they’ve gotten control of at least one of the political parties.

By the way, let me get on my rant here for a minute there. We Christians only have ourselves to blame in America, I would say this is probably true in Canada and England and many other countries, according to the stats in the last general election here in the United States, half of the of Christians in our churches today are registered to vote.

Only 50% of church attenders are actually registered to vote. If 100% were registered and 100% voted, we would control every election in this country. We would have an overwhelming voice even though there are more registered Democrats in the country than there are Republicans, I am not saying Republicans is the right party, but if we were all registered to vote and all voted, we could control every election everyone.

But the fact is only 50% of church attenders are registered. Then when it comes time to cast the vote, only 50% of them bother to get up and go, we have such an apathetic attitude towards what’s going on in our government that we don’t think our, our vote counts.

Well, individually it doesn’t, but collectively it does.

And if we will take charge and get on the ball and do what should be our citizen duty, we could make a change there.


Number 21: Control the media.

This idea that when truth is spoken, they quickly claim it as a false narrative as fake news. And the fact is what they are spouting is the lie is the poison is the stuff that needs to be kept out.

But with freedom of speech, lies can be freely told. But when it’s been told by people that you trust, you begin to believe the lie. This is a powerful step, powerful goal, and they have succeeded. It is dangerous.

Why? What, why is it all happening? God is bringing our demise, bringing our own destruction because of our foolishness. We’re allowing it to happen.

Even with Christians, we could stand up and do something about it. We could speak up, make a change in our government, make a change in our nation. But we foolishly shrug our shoulders and hang our heads saying these things are terrible. Someone should do something about it and we distract ourselves with whatever else we can distract ourselves with so we don’t have to face the facts of what’s going on.


Number 22: Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression.

You know, I did not realize this and the next one, eliminate all good sculptures from parks and buildings substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms. Let me give you 22 because they go together.


Number 23: Control Art Critics and Directors of Art Museums

“Control art critics and directors of art museums. Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.” Now, I had no idea that these were some of their goals that they set out until I read this book here a few years ago. I noticed, like everyone else has, how stupid art is today and how ugly it is and meaningless it is.

And I had no idea that there was a directive, there was a goal, there was a design to bring that into our nation. And why do they want to do that? They believe that if we become accustomed to blah, to repulsiveness, ugliness, it’ll be easier for us to live in it. If our eyes do not understand and behold beauty anymore, if we cannot captivate and imagine the beauty of God’s creation.

Because God, what he gave us is so beautiful. When we get out from the cities and the concrete and all the straight lines and the blocks and get into nature and enjoy.

I grew up, as a kid, in the city. I’ve always lived around millions of people growing up in, in Britain. I had about three or 4 million people within a 30 mile radius of where I live.

It was crowded, we lived in the concrete jungle, and yet Britain did very well at preserving its green bands and green boundaries and it did not take far to get into the countryside. But I never paid attention to the beauty of God’s creation and the changing of the seasons and the flowers budding until I started reaching into my thirties and forties. I miss so much of that in my childhood. I regret that God gave us a beautiful, beautiful world to enjoy, and man wants to destroy it.

The devil wants to destroy everything that God created. Everything that God created was good and beautiful, and had order, and design, and peace. When sin comes in, when the devil comes in, it brings destruction, it brings corruption, it brings death. That is exactly where these 45 goals are guiding us in America, to bring death to our nation.

We used to be God honoring, God fearing, and we don’t fear God anymore.


Number 25: Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity.

60 years ago, the things that are on TV, commonly today, wouldn’t have a chance to be on TV today. You’ve heard the expression of cooking the frog. The temperature of the water begins to gradually change and we become more and more and more accustomed to things that would have been shocking. Now, I was like, “….yeah, yawn.” We’re no longer alarmed. We’re no longer offended.

There was a time, I guess I was like most boys curious and stuff. We went out looking for that stuff, we did. But today you have to put roadblocks, filters, and systems on your computer to keep that stuff out, to lock it out, when, before you had to go looking for it. Today, you have to be creative in ways to keep it out of your home. It will destroy, it destroys many relationships and marriages and what guess what they want. Why? They want the breakdown of what God loves and what he creates. The family, the unity, and the harmony there, they want to destroy all that.


Number 26: Present homosexuality, degeneracy, promiscuity as normal, natural and even healthy.

Again. Have we seen this being conquered in our nation? Absolutely. Not only has it been achieved, it is becoming wedged into the American way of life. It’s now more and more common on the TV. Even Disney has had their first gay kiss. All this stuff is becoming more and more promoted and it does, you know, not as I said, the promiscuity is not only just being introduced it is being presented as: “This is just natural.” “It’s just normal and no one should be alarmed by it.” We should be alarmed by it.


Number 27: Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with social religion.

Notice they didn’t say stamp out, stop churches and stop religion. Remove it, get rid of it. No, just replace it.

And that’s exactly what the devil does. He is not fighting against religion. He’s ok with religion. Just as long as it’s not the right religion. You can even go to the right church. You can go to the church that even preaches out of the right Bible, just as long as you don’t teach exactly everything right about it.

Instead of thinking you can get saved through the blood of Jesus Christ, what he did, and humbling yourself, admitting your sins…. just think that you can save yourself by your good works. Be religious, be good, be filled with your own self righteousness, instead of the righteousness of God. Still go to the right church, they’ve got the right Bible, and they sing the right songs, and they say all the right things except for just this one little part.

Notice how it says replace with a social religion”.  Is that not what most of the messages in pulpits of America preaching” How to deal with whiny children, and how to this, how to that. We used to call that “chicken soup messages.” Messages that warm the cockles of your heart make you feel better. Get you a lift, get you pumped up.

I remember one famous preacher, Rick Warren had said, he had a gay couple coming to their church for a number of years. As he was remarking, he said, “we just felt well, you know, we’re glad to have them come and… don’t reject them, don’t ever do that. Get them under the sound of the gospel.”

Honestly, they probably won’t last long under the sound of the gospel, but they were going there for years.

They were comfortable enough because their sin was not being addressed from the pulpit. One of the couples said to the preacher, “you know, we like coming here because we get pumped up. We get a lift. You make us feel good about ourselves.”

I think back to the 27th goal, don’t end religion, just replace it. That is exactly what we are doing in our churches today.


Number 28: Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in our schools.

As I said, these goals came out in the early sixties and they succeeded by 65, 66 to remove prayer from the schools. And so again, today, we’ve got the separation of church and state and all that. there and that actually comes up in another one.


Number 29: Discredit the American Constitution call it inadequate, old fashioned out of step with the modern steps.

Isn’t that interesting?

They have set forth this mindset that our constitution needs to be a living document. “It needs to move with the times. It needs to change with the times.” Now, they are trying to do that with the Bible too. “Oh, it needs to move with the times. We don’t want this antiquated religion, this antiquated God who’s out of touch with our needs and who we are today. We want a different kind of constitution.” In other words, “We don’t want rigid rules. We want rules that bend and move to our desires. We are not going to call it murder of an unborn baby. We’re not going to call it taking a life. We’re not going to identify that as a life. We just want it to mold to the new way, and let’s just call it a ‘choice of the woman’. Does she not have rights over her own body? It’s not murder, it’s just the right to choose.”

These are the destruction efforts of the Communist Party. I’ve been warning you of the doctrines of the Muslims that is trying to destroy us from within. These are the doctrines of the Marxist that are trying to destroy us from within. God said that He’ll judge the world in righteousness. He’ll bring judgment on those who knew no right and chose not to do right, America. We knew what was right. We knew what God wanted and we have willfully disobeyed Him.

We need to be reminded. We need to know that there is something that we need to do in our country. The answer folks is not politics, although we need to be involved in it. We ought to cast a vote. We can make a difference. James 4:17 “to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.”  It is apathetic and it is not right.

We have to bring things back to God. How do we do that? Through Jesus Christ. We need repentance in our nation. All these things that are going on in our country are symptoms of our rebellion against God and that judgment is coming our way.


Number 30: Discredit the American founding fathers present them as selfish aristocrats.

And now the popular thing to do is discredit them.

“They were slave owners. They are wicked, and evil.” Everyone was slave owners back in the day. For the most part, very few people were against it. Now, not everyone out there treated their slaves in a barbaric manner. There are some people that really did. The fact is that just because they owned a slave they are we shouldn’t at all give any credit to the good that they brought to our nation.

Let’s move on.


Number 31: Belittle, all forms of American culture, discourage the teachings of American history.

I think it’s more than evident that that has been succeeded. You ask young people, even general questions that most people who value any education would easily know. These kids are not being taught. Much less our history, our culture, our constitution, the values that we were born with, and what made us developed us into one of the greatest countries in the world, and the freedom that we have protected and the prosperity that’s come through the blessings of God because we have followed his path and have been blessed abundantly. None of that’s been taught. None of that has been taught to our kids.


Number 32: Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture, education, social agencies, welfare programs.

They do not like the idea here in America that we have 50 states that can govern themselves and have control over governing themselves without the interference of a central government. That central government is so important to the Communist idea. They have to break down the opportunity for people to have choices outside of a centralized control.

You drive into Washington DC building after building, after building for miles, after miles, after miles after miles, filled with bureaucrats filled with departments of the interior, the departments of education, none of those powers were given to the federal government. Originally, they were given to the state to control, but we have surrendered those powers to the federal government and the federal government, centralized control, is controlling things that they had no right to do and we continue to allow it to happen.


Number 35: Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.

They knew that was enemy number one to their efforts. Here is where I say they not only have succeeded, they’ve gone beyond their wildest imaginations. They change tactics rather than dismantle, they have infiltrated it. They are using the state investigation part of our police force against us, and protecting those that they want to protect, and going after those that they see as enemies to their goal.

It’s very clear in America, and if you’re not seeing it, you’re probably being a little willfully blind. But there are two sets of standards in America today. In the political sense, we got one group they can do anything they want and the government will not prosecute them, will not come after them. They might wave their savior once in a while and you know, rattle the sword and say a few things there, but they do nothing.

On the other side of the aisle, those who they see as enemies to their goal and their intent, they come after them again and again and again and there’s no shame in it. No shame at all.

They have infiltrated, as I said, and have succeeded in that beyond their wildest dreams.


Number 38: Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies.

This is the one goal I believe they have not succeeded in.

In the efforts of the past, you had fascism, socialism, and all these are watered down versions of the main effort, and that’s communism. Communism is the goal.

Karl Marx, as I said before believed that the step from capitalism to communism was too great of a step. So there had to be smaller steps, and socialism was one of them. National Socialism, which was the nazis, Italians dealt with fascism, and all of these were daughters of Karl Marx in his goal to the world turning into communism.


Number 39: Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining control.

They will treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand. They are going to call people mental ill and say that they have mental disorders.

Have they succeeded that? Absolutely.


Number 40: Discredit the family as an institution encourage promiscuity and encourage easy divorce.

One of the most essential parts of the fabric of a healthy society is a husband and wife, loving each other, raising their kids. Break that down, destroy it. If we are going to destroy America, we got to break down the home.


Number 41: Emphasize the need to raise Children away from negative influences of parents  

Again, take away the parental authority and we’re going to be able to destroy that country from within.


Number 42: Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition.

Because, after all, we became a country because of our revolt, revolution against England, against the legal powers that were on us. They want us to believe that revolution, revolting violence, insurrection, all that’s part of the American way.

When the communist party brings a revolt to take our country away from capitalism, from freedom, from our democracy, our republic, they end up creating this violence and insurrection that those under their leadership will follow.

By the way, we are not a Democratic party country. We never have been, we use democratic process, but we are a republic. Everyone calls us a democracy. We’re not a democracy. We are a republic. Big difference.

Can you see the Kool aid and how dangerous it is? We’ve been drinking it in this country for a long, long time. And that’s exactly what all our kids are drinking today and when they grew up to vote, you know where that’s going to lead us.

God’s bringing judgment on our country. We only have ourselves to blame why? Because we refuse to repent and turn back to God. We can, we can repent, we can return back to God. If we do, God will fix all this, He’ll restore us. He’ll bless us when “the wicked bear rule the people mourn,” the Bible tells us in Proverbs 29:2.




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