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America Repent!

We believe God will not turn a blind eye to our national sins. Old Testament prophets warned of impending judgment and called for God’s people to return back to righteousness. We seek national repentance, an Awakening Revival. We believe that God is raising Islam as an instrument of judgment on Europe and North America. Tom Wallace witnessed the growth and seduction of Islam that has been creeping into Europe. Now, England has Shariah law courts that are backed by the British government. Islam has 1,400 years of history of destroying nation’s freedoms and faith. They usually operate first with the Sword. However, they have learned a new game to covertly over-take from within. Muhammad was a false prophet and those who follow him will follow him into Hell. God has given Tom a unique understanding of this religion, its errors and short comings. We are seeing Muslims come to Christ through our methods of evangelism. We realized that Tom Wallace can only talk to a limited number of Muslims, but we can train many others to do it. Missions to Muslims Network was started for this purpose.

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America Needs An Awakening

If you too believe that America is heading for Judgment…. prayerfully consider having Tom Wallace preach on Awakening Revival to your Church. God called him off the foreign mission field to warn his fellow countryman of impending judgement and to call America back to Righteousness. 

For over a decade he has been passionately studying the revivals of the past. The Great Awakenings, the Welsh Revivals and primarily, the Lewis Island Awakening of which he has a personal connection. These Revivals were powerful outpourings of the Spirit of God that were long lasting and spread like a forest fire. They have a common thread of preparation that brought about what they all called an Awakening. Revival is the only hope to save America from destruction!

One thing is very clear…. there is no revival without repentance.

Our Mission

Our mission is grounded in the conviction that Jehovah God, in the face of our national sin, is steering America towards inevitable judgment. We urgently call upon Christians to repent and take a stand for Righteousness. Recognizing the prevalence of compromise and cowardice among preachers, we aim to inspire a renewed commitment to unwavering faith.

Furthermore, we advocate for active Christian engagement in communities, urging believers to become vocal advocates for righteousness in government, schools, homes, and society at large. Our mission extends beyond individual repentance to a collective pursuit of societal transformation through righteous living.

The Mission Field Is Here

There has been a surge of Islam in the USA in the last several decades that Christians need to be awakened to.  As of 2017 there were 3.45 million Muslims in the United States and it is projected that by 2050 there are expected to be 8 million.  30 cities in America currently have a very large Muslim population (30,000 to 500,000 Muslims per city – Chicago, NYC, Houston, Phildelphia, Detroit, Seattle, Tampa, etc.) Many of them come here for a better life and opportunities but the vast majority are coming here because they are fleeing for their lives. 8 out of 10 Muslims that are coming here from the Middle East are coming to get away from the tyranny of Islam. We have a great opportunity to reach these people that are coming to us.

Muslims are individuals blinded by a doctrine of hate, desperately in need of conversion through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our mission centers on love and compassionate teaching, aiming to expose them to the redemptive message of Christ

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Revival on the Isle of Lewis

Rev Duncan Campbell Originally preached this sermon on Wednesday, March 1, 1950. Here is an excerpt from his sermon:

…There is a world of difference between a crusade or a special effort in the field of evangelism. My dear people that is not revival. As I already said from this platform, I thank God for every soul brought to Christ through our special efforts and for every season of blessing at our conferences and at our conventions. We praise God for such movements.

But is it not true that such movements do not—as a general rule—touch the community? The community remains more or less the same and the masses go past us to hell.

But in revival the community suddenly becomes conscious of the movings of God beginning among his own people so that in a matter of hours, not days, in a matter of hours churches become crowded. No intimation of any special meeting, but something happening that moves men and women to the house of God and you find within hours, scores of men and women crying to God for mercy before they went near a church.

You have read the history of revivals, the Jonathan Edwards revival in America, that was what happened; the Welsh revival, that is what has happened and the more recent Lewis revival, that is what happened. When God stepped down suddenly men and women all over the parish were gripped by the fear of God.

Now, how did it happen? This, to me, is an interesting story and I want to tell it in full.

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