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Islam and Pedophilia

Children trust adults, and are to be obedient to adults who are in authority over them. This make them vulnerable to an adult who seeks their own pleasure at the cost of what is best for the child. Jesus said that it is better for an adult to suffer drowning with a millstone tied about… Continue reading Islam and Pedophilia

Islam Is Incompatible With the American Constitution

Since several Muslims have been elected to Congress, I think we should look at Islam and its attitude toward our system of government. Islam is much more than a religion. As a matter of fact, the legal and cultural aspects of Islam are much more important than the religious aspects.

The Coming Persecution

Tom Wallace We are starting to see persecution of Christians in America. It is not at the level we see in countries in the Middle East, but it has started. The Bible has warned us to expect this. Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. 2 Timothy 3:12 We,… Continue reading The Coming Persecution

Are All Sins Equal?

J. D. Greear is the pastor of the Summit Church in Durham, NC and the 62nd President of the Southern Baptist Convention. He preached a sermon titled “How the Fall Affects Us All.” It was based upon Romans 1:24-32. He was using a corrupt translation so he started out wrong. His first error was to… Continue reading Are All Sins Equal?

Islam Violates the First Amendment

Islam Violates the First Amendment January 22, 2019 Tom Wallace The First Amendment is one of the most important parts of our governmental system in the United States. It provides five protections for American citizens, and Islam violates all five of them. It is vital that all five of these protections are preserved because this… Continue reading Islam Violates the First Amendment

When Islam Cries About Islamophobia

We live in a nation where people are beaten down when they say something that is not politically correct. This is true concerning Islam more than just about anything else. We are said to be Islamophobic if we say anything that is not pleasing to Muslims, even if it is true and we back it… Continue reading When Islam Cries About Islamophobia

Stop the Genocide

Stop The Genocide Christians are barbarically beheaded, tortured, and crucified at an unprecedented rate in the world today. This is mostly because of the growth of Islam. We need to resist Islam in every way that we can. It already has too much of a foothold in Europe and North America. Who will stand for… Continue reading Stop the Genocide

The Failure of Multiculturalism

Today I want to look at how some of the European leaders have realized that multiculturalism is a failure. This is based upon information that we reported some seven years ago. What baffles me is that, in spite of the admission that multiculturalism doesn’t work, they are today allowing large numbers of Muslims to come… Continue reading The Failure of Multiculturalism

What You Need to Know About Israel

What You Need to Know About Israel I want to look at all you need to know about Israel in what should take about 10 minutes to read. I want to do this because Israel is in the news, and is being attacked by rockets from Hamas, which is a terrorist organization out of Egypt.… Continue reading What You Need to Know About Israel

The Pilgrim Story

During the reign of Elizabeth there appeared a group of religious dissenters known as the Separatists. They were more zealous reformers than the Puritans who wanted to remain in the Anglican church and reform it from the inside. This had been attempted during the time of Henry VIII and led to the separation from Roman… Continue reading The Pilgrim Story