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What Is Islamophobia all about – Part 1

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Why do we deal with Islam at Fortress of Faith? The reason is simple, historically every nation or people group that did not resist Islam was eventually subjugated by it. The Christians that were in Asia didn’t fight against it, and as a result most of Asia is now Islamic. The largest Islamic nations are in this part of the world. The largest Islamic nation is Indonesia, followed by Pakistan, and India. When Islam tried to make its way into the West, the Christians stood up and fought back. The Muslim armies marched across North Africa and into Spain. They […]

More On M103

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We had a good meeting with some leaders up in Canada on Motion M103. I am starting to understand what those of you in Canada are facing. There is a strong liberal majority in the Canadian government, and they are behind this motion becoming law. If the vote goes along party lines, which it probably will, it will become law. We need to understand that M103 is about favoring one religion. They disguise it by saying it is about preventing religious discrimination, but in fact it is about making it illegal to say anything negative about Islam. There are already […]

Confronting Muslims With The Gospel – 4

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This week we have been sharing the testimony of Nabeel Qureshi, a young man who had converted from Islam to Christianity. He passed way last week at the young age of 34. We have learned how he was raised a devout Muslim, and was, in a sense, a missionary for Islam here in America. In College he met David Wood, who started his life as an atheist, but who had become a devout Christian. He started studying the Bible to try and destroy it, and discredit the idea of creation. The problem is, when you get into God’s Word, it […]

Confronting Muslims With The Gospel – 3

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We are continuing with the testimony of Nabeel Qureshi. He was a Muslim who converted to Christ and was greatly used of God in spreading the truth about Islam. We have heard about his struggle with leaving Islam. Today we will hear how he wrestled with the doctrines. There are three major issues that Muslims have a problem with. They have been taught that Jesus was just a man, that He didn’t die on the cross, and that the Bible is corrupt. As Christians, we need to learn to deal with these three issues if we want to reach Muslims […]

Confronting Muslims With The Gospel – 2

Yesterday we started listening to some audio from Nabeel Qureshi. He was a Muslim who converted to Christianity and had become a  preacher of the Gospel and warned of the dangers of Islam. He died at the young age of 34 last Friday. He also wrote a great book, “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus,” which I highly recommend. Today we are going to continue listening to his testimony, and how he would make short work of Christians. He will talk about how he pretty much destroyed the faith of a Christian lady who tried to share her faith with him. He […]

Confronting Muslims With The Gospel – 1

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Today I want to give you some sad news. A man who was born a Muslim, converted to Christ, and became a great preacher of the Gospel and dealt with the issues of Islam, has died, His name was Nabeel Qureshi. He died as a young man. I don’t understand why God sometimes chooses to allow some people to suffer with disease and cancer, and so on, but God chose to allowed Nabeel to suffer thus, and he died on Friday. While he was in college, he had a Christian man as his roommate. His name was David Wood, who […]

For Such A Time As This

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Today I want to look at a  passage in Esther Chapter 4. In this passage the Jews are in captivity. Throughout the Old Testament the Jews had fallen away from God, and God raised up a preacher to warn them to repent and turn from their rebellion and wicked ways. These preachers would warn of the painful consequences of their rebellion. They warned of coming punishment, and even being taken into captivity. They didn’t listen, and now the found themselves in captivity under Persia. In this story we find the Jews facing an interesting situation. The King, Ahasuerus, had removed […]

In The News – 09-14-2017

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Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Trumps Travel Ban President Trump has been trying to protect us from terrorists coming from countries where terrorism is rampant, and where there is no way to properly screen them. Under the Obama just about anyone was allowed to enter our country without proper screening. The Highest court in the land has ruled that the travel ban is not discrimination, it is an act of national security. You can be sure that the liberals will be crying about this. They will try to find a way to undo anything President Trump tries to do. […]

Standing Against Islamic Terrorism

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On Monday we celebrated the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attack. I noticed something different in the speeches commemorating this attack, and I am not happy about what I am about to say. During his campaign President Trump was very bold about the fact that the terrorism we are facing is Islamic terrorism. For eight years our country had been reluctant, even afraid, to say the terrorism was Islamic. I believe that one reason Trump was elected was that he was on point about this issue. In every speech that President Trump gave on Monday, and the speeches by VP […]

Islam And Child Abuse

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I am speaking in a conference in California and a city official shared something with me that I want to talk about today. I have heard the same thing from Texas, so I am beginning to wonder if others are hearing the same thing. I was told that through the third grade the population of Muslim students is nearly equal between boys and girls. Starting with the forth grade there is a big decline of the number of female Muslim students. I am wondering if this is a trend throughout the country, if it is, would you let me know. […]