Taking the Gospel to the Jews – Part 3

For the last few days we have been looking at sharing our faith with the Jews. The Jewish faith is very close to what we believe, but sadly you can be close and still not make it to Heaven. In the New Testament, many Jews believed in God’s redemptive plan, but they rejected Jesus Christ […]

Taking the Gospel to the Jews – Part 2

Today we are going to continue with our discussion with Ken Overby, a missionary to the Jews. How do we present the Gospel to someone of a different religion, for example a Jew? A good starting point is Isaiah Chapter 53. You can’t beat the power of this passage. Most Jewish people have never read […]

Taking the Gospel to the Jews – Part 1

On today’s broadcast I had Ken Overby. He is with Jewish Awareness Ministries. We are looking at how to defend our faith when we come up against those with different belief systems. He have looked at creationism and other things. Today we are going to look at Judaism. These people believe the Bible, at least […]

Tom’s Background

Today I thought I would talk to you about my background. It is good to know who you are listening to. It will help you understand what makes me tick, and why I do what I do, the way I do it. I like to give my testimony by going back to my grandmother since […]

Do Over

Have you ever taken a do over? As a kid, did you ever swing at a ball and miss, and then say “do over, do over?” When we get older we still do them, we just don’t call them do overs. When we play golf we call them a Mulligan. I was reading how this […]

Is God Sovereign?

Today I want to start by playing a game. I will start a saying, and you fill in the rest of it. When the cat’s away… A rolling stone… The early bird… God helps those… (Answers at the end, if you need them) It may surprise you, but this last one is not in the […]

Southern Poverty Law Center and Free Speech

I have spoken to you in the past about the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). They attacked our ministry a couple of years ago and labeled us as a hate group. The SPLC is a leftist attack group that tries to smear Christian organizations that stand for wholesome, godly values. They want us to believe […]

The Arab/Israel Conflict – Part 4

We are looking at the Arab/Israel conflict this week because of what happened in the UN. They have condemned Israel for building homes in a part of Israel they consider to be a restricted area. They are calling Israel a foreign occupier, and our Secretary of State, John Kerry, is supporting the UN message. We […]

The Arab/Israel Conflict – Part 3

I want to bring you back to the realization that this land does not belong to the Arabs. The Arabs are trying to steal the land that God promised to Israel. Before I continue with the three title deeds to the land, let me remind you that the Abrahamic Covenant involves real estate. Now the […]

The Arab/Israel Conflict – Part 2

Yesterday we started talking about the Arab/Israel conflict. Until we understand what is really behind this we will never be able to get it under control. Although it is not hard to articulate the problem in the Middle East, it is very difficult to find some solutions. The problem is that one group wants the […]