The Arab/Israel Conflict

The Arab/Israel Conflict – Part 1 October 31:2017 Tom Wallace The Arab/Israel conflict, or the Isaac/Ishmael conflict, goes back many centuries. It goes back to a family squabble between two half brothers, both of them son’s of Abraham. It is a fight over what is sometimes called the Holy Land or the Promised Land. It […]

Debora Weiss Interview on M103

Deborah Weiss Interview on M103 This week we have Deborah Weiss on our broadcast to talk about Motion M103 that is working its way through Parliament in Canada. This motion, if it becomes law, will make it a crime to speak against Islam in Canada. Rather than type out the transcript of this interview, I […]

Persecution Of Christians

Persecution Of Christians Today I want to reintroduce you to a young lady I first met her some time ago in Washington, DC. Her name is Julie Aftab. She is from Pakistan, and she has felt the full force of persecution against Christians. Not only did Muslims pour acid on her face, they poured down […]

Shooting In Las Vegas (Cont)

Shooting In Las Vegas (Cont) I want to look more into the shooting in Las Vegas and make some things more clear. Our ministry mostly deals with Islam, so when we see a terrorist attack, naturally, because the majority of terrorist attacks have been in the name of Islam, we start looking in that direction. […]

Islam, America’s Trojan Horse!

Islam, America’s Trojan Horse! Today I want to look at some things from Dr. Don Boys’ book “Islam, America’s Trojan Horse!” Dr. Boys used to be a Representative for the State of Indiana. He has authored more than a dozen books. He used to be a syndicated journalist for USA Today. He has been a […]

Are We To Hate?

Are We To Hate?   Today I want to ask, and answer, the question, Are we, as Christians, instructed to hate? Some derivative of the word “hate” is found more than 170 times in the Bible. Commands Not To Hate Le 19:17 Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: Ga 5:19-20 Now the […]

Judgment Coming For God’s Glory

For some time I have been preaching that we have many cowards in pulpits across the country. It is shameful how many pastors allow the fear of man to cause them to make compromises in their preaching. If you take a stand for the truths of God’s Word, you will be ridiculed and attacked, not […]

A Look At Louis Farrakhan

There is a video on Facebook where Louis Farrakhan seems to be giving a testimony of his conversion to Jesus Christ. Does this mean that one of the major Muslim leaders in the US has converted to Christianity? We will analyze his testimony to see if it is true. Farrakhan is the head of the […]

President Trump’s Presidency

As you know, I was very critical of President Obama’s administration when it came to national security and the issues concerning Islam. I wasn’t against him because he was a Democrat, and I certainly wasn’t against him because he was black. I was also took issue with President Bush on some of his policies dealing […]

Profits of Hate: The Southern Poverty Law Center

At the risk of sounding redundant, I am going to spend one more article on the Southern Poverty Law Center. This organization is causing much confusion about what constitutes a hate group. It is also making life difficult Christian organizations that stand for traditional values. Don’t let anyone tell you that Christianity is not under […]