The Foxes Guarding The Hen House

In December, 2013, we looked at the Obama administration and how they handled the defense of our nation against Islamic terrorism. We saw things that should concern us in the way President Obama dealt with the issue of our national security. It seems that rather than defending us against Islamic terrorism, he was aiding the […]

Obama Interfered With The Investigation of Islamic Terrorism

We got more information as to why the FBI missed the mark in their investigation of Omar Mateen, the killer in Orlando. We told you a number of years ago that President Obama and his administration had purged all of the anti-terrorist training manuals from all references to Islam. We have had John Guandolo on […]

What Everyone Needs To Know About ISIS

In this article I want to shine the spotlight on ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. We are going to see who they are and take a look at their leader, Al-Baghdadi, and how did he get to the position where he is today. We will also look at the Saudi connection, what […]