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Broke Muslims

Broke Muslims February 16, 2018 Tom Wallace Today I want to talk about the poverty and illiteracy record of Islamic nations. If we care about the advantages we have in the West, our freedoms and our standard of living, we must stand against Islam because it will destroy everything we hold dear. All we have … Read more

The Muslim Mind

The Muslim Mind December 14, 2017 Tom Wallace We have been talking about the Golden Age of Islam this week. We have seen why, except for the very short period of this age, Muslims have not been very advanced in technology, and why they have not offered much to the world when it comes to … Read more

America Under Shariah Law

A poll of American Muslims is very disturbing. Most of the Muslims in America, about 80%, are non-practicing. This means that only about 20% of Muslims in America really desire Shariah Law. What would it be like in America if this 20% gets the upper hand? When Shahram was born in Iran it had a … Read more