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Is Your Friend a Secret Militant Muslim?

Tom Wallace

Is your friend a Secret Militant Muslim? Tips on how to find out.

A militant Muslim will hide in the open among us as a moderate Muslim advocating his or her belief that Islam is a religion of peace. They will misquote passages out of the Qur’an like Surah 5:32 “if any one slew a person… it would be as if he slew the whole people.” Knowing all too well that this passage was given to the Jew not the Muslim. They know the Qur’an commands the “execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land.” of non-Muslims when they feel they have brought strife into the land.

So, if militant Muslims use the same rhetoric as moderates, how can we know if our Muslim neighbor, or work colleague, or class mate, is secretly a militant Muslim, a jihadi?

I will give you some questions to use but it is extremely important you understand how to use them and why you use them. These are the tips I give to law enforcement. I strongly caution the average citizen to use these methods as well. Only use them if you have grave concern about the loyalties of your friend. If your suspensions are confirmed, go to the proper authorities and express your concern. If you see something, say something.

First, it is vital to understand there are two types of Islam, and Muslims are following one or the other. There is the Real and the Fake. Real Islam is Muhammad’s Islam. These Muslims follow the scriptures and the prophet fully. They are fundamentalist and believe the Qur’an and Sunnah fully. The Fake Islam has been reformed and picks and chooses passages that fits the Allah they want and reject the passages that makes Allah or the Apostle militant.

The Fake Islam has produced the moderate, the reformed Muslim. The Real Islam produces a militant radical Jihadi. The reformed or moderate Muslim honestly believes that Islam is a religion of peace, That Surah 5:32 only says “if any one slew a person… it would be as if he slew the whole people.” He is only allowed to read the Qur’an in Arabic and as only 15% of the Muslims are Arabs, most Muslims don’t know what is in it. Even if he reads it the Qur’an, he must go to his Iman to learn what it means.

Devotion does not equal Terrorist.

A reformed Muslims can be very devout, pious and devoted to his form of Islam. Being loyal and devout does not equal terrorist. Islam is an outward religion. Piety and outward showing of their faith is all they have to earn Allah’s pleasure. A woman may dress in a burqa only because it is the will of her husband or father, not hers. So, the outward manifestations are not a great guide to judge if a Muslim is a militant minded Muslim.


Militant Muslims are usually very careful and calculating in their public speech about their beliefs. They do not divulge their true beliefs about their faith. Therefore, we want to use a trigger question or a statement which will put them off balance. Discussions about Israel will likely get a reaction of anger and raise their blood pressure. Muslims are taught in the Qur’an that Abraham took his son Ishmael to be sacrificed but God spared him. Ishmael is the firstborn, the rightful heir of the covenant and the seed of Isaac, the Jews, are trying to steal away his birthright.

The Old Testament is very clear who gets the covenant of Jehovah’s blessing in Gen 17:18-21. Isaac, the first promised son of Abraham and Sarah was blessed with the covenant and the land Gen 12:1, Gen 15:18, Gen 17:8ff)

Here are some examples of tiger questions or statements:

· Why are the Palestinians trying to steal the promise land from the Jews?

· The Temple Mount belongs to the Jews. They should destroy the Dome of the Rock and rebuild the Temple.

· The Palestinians have no heritage, it is made up nation by the English during the British Mandate!

If your Muslim friend reacts with a passionate speech that it is the Jews who are the villains, foreign occupiers and the Arabs, Palestinians, are just victims, they are ready for the revealing questions.

Revealing Questions

Your goal in this exercise is to find out if they believe Islam gives them right to kill. There are two groups you want research – The Apostate and the Unbeliever. Start with the Apostate first because you are not asking them yet if they should kill you for being an unbeliever.

Ask – “What does Allah command to happen to Apostates who will not return to Islam?”

Every Muslim knows, both moderate or fundamentalist, someone who leaves Islam deserves to be killed. The duty of the Father is to keep his family in subjection. If his wife or child refuses to submit to Islam, it brings great dishonor on him, and he has the duty to bring judgment on them if they fall into apostasy. This is called honor killing.

The next question is about you and me, the Unbelievers.

Ask – “What does Allah command for Unbelievers who will not submit to Islam?”

Now don’t panic if they tell you the truth. Thank them for being an honest Muslim. The likelihood they have the courage to be obedient to Allah is often very small. They are still creatures with a conscience and Muhammad had trouble getting his legions to obey to kill the unbelievers and apostates.

It’s up to you if you feel this Muslim is a real threat to the public. If you fear it, tell the authorities and explain why. Remember, it is the evil of Islam that causes the Muslim to believe the way he does. He can be freed from the bondage of Islam through Jesus as his Savior.